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Using Innovation to Create New Revenue Streams

As traditional power grids transition to smart grids, power companies have a wealth of fixed network assets and infrastructure — from poles and towers to underground passageways — that can be innovated for different use, opening new revenue streams.

Driven by many favorable factors, most notably national broadband incentives, power cables can be deployed in parallel with fiber optic cables — an electricity-in-fiber strategy — opening up value-added business opportunities: fiber deployment, fiber leasing, and broadband wholesale.

Huawei’s Fiber Powered by Grid provides customers with consulting, planning, and system integration services. It helps electric power companies quickly construct networks, develop services, and achieve alternative revenue-generating operations by using surplus power grid resources, increasing profit and improving efficiency.

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  • Generating Extra Revenue for Businesses

    Using under-utilized resources for bandwidth operation services, generating supplementary revenue for electric power companies.

  • Remote Optical Fiber O&M

    Visualized Operations and Maintenance (O&M) can be viewed in real-time, reducing Operating Expense (OPEX) and improving O&M efficiency.

  • Assisting National Broadband Projects

    Huawei’s optical fiber communication networks are constructed to meet national broadband construction requirements.

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