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The Gigabit Fully Wireless Campus of Tomorrow, Realized Today

All-wireless offices are no longer fiction, but fact.

Allowing enterprises to benefit from unprecedented levels of communication and collaboration, Wi-Fi 6 wireless networks deliver the fiber-like, lightning-fast speeds that make 4K video conferencing, cloud collaboration, and other bandwidth-hungry, high-concurrency applications a reality.

Indeed, all-wireless capability extends to all parts of an enterprise, also boosting production operational efficiency in the warehouse and on the factory floor. Wi-Fi 6 networks — offering always-on mobility — enable the deployment of advanced technologies, such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and realize industrial visual quality detection as well as the loading of vehicle software, remotely.

Huawei's complete series of AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 products helps build next generation wireless networks for all enterprises, big or small. The AirEngine series satisfies the requirements of customers across industries, in both indoor and outdoor wireless network deployment scenarios. And with an efficient industrial design and an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) card slot (featuring a removable cover), Huawei's AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 products fully meet the ever-changing requirements of terminals and applications in the digital space.

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High Density

Triple-radio technology and small-angle antennas provide comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage, even in high-density environments such as stadiums and hotels. Antennas are built-in, simplifying installation.

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IoT Convergence

Multiple IoT-converged Access Points (APs) implement integrated deployment and centralized management for Wi-Fi and IoT networks, reducing construction costs and simplifying O&M.

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Smart Antennas

Industry-leading Smart Antenna technology reduces signal interference between APs, increases Wi-Fi network system capacity, and improves the user experience.

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Select the Best WLAN Products for Your Business

Indoor Access Points

Outdoor Access Points

Scenario-based access points

Access Controllers


  • AirEngine 8700 Series
  • AirEngine 6700 Series
  • AirEngine 5700 Series
  • AP7000 Series
airengine 8760 x1 pro

AirEngine 8760-X1-PRO Access Point

Huawei's next generation indoor flagship Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP with 16 spatial streams, built-in Smart Antennas, and dual IoT slots, with support for triple-radio mode, achieving a rate of up to 10.75 Gbit/s.

Designed for scenarios requiring high bandwidth and a high-quality network experience, such as high-end enterprise offices, conference spaces, immersive teaching, and business class lounges in airports.

airengine 6760 x1 6760 x1e

AirEngine 6760-X1 & 6760-X1E Access Points

Ultra-high-performance indoor settled Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) APs with ten spatial streams by default and two built-in IoT slots. With an RTU license, the AP can provide up to 12 spatial streams and work in the triple-radio mode.

Designed for high-density scenarios such as midsize and large enterprise offices, education institutions, and business spaces.

ap7060dn overview pc

AirEngine AP7060DN Access Point

A high-performance Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP with built-in omnidirectional antennas, 12 spatial streams, and a 10 GE uplink electrical port (100/1000/2500/5000BASE-T), achieving a device rate of up to 6 Gbit/s. The AP also supports external IoT expansion, making it ideal for bandwidth-hungry and IoT services of enterprises.

  • AirEngine 8700R Series
  • AirEngine 6700R Series
  • AirEngine 5700R Series
  • AP8000 Series
airengine 8760r x1 8760r x1e

AirEngine 8760R-X1 & 8760R-X1E Outdoor Access Points

Next generation outdoor flagship Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) APs that support 16 spatial streams — eight at 2.4 GHz (8x8 MU-MIMO, 8T8R) and eight at 5 GHz (8x8 MU-MIMO) — achieving a device rate of up to 10.75 Gbit/s and delivering superb outdoor coverage performance.

Designed for high-density outdoor scenarios, such as outdoor stadiums, public squares, and parks.

airengine 6760r 51 airengine 6760r 51e overview pc

AirEngine 6760R-51 & 6760R-51E Access Points

Next-generation outdoor high-performance Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) access point (AP) supporting eight spatial streams — four at 2.4 GHz (4x4 MU-MIMO) and four at 5 GHz (4x4 MU-MIMO) — achieving a device rate of up to 5.95 Gbps.

Ideal for outdoor coverage scenarios such as pedestrian streets, amusement parks, and docks.

AirEngine 5761R-11 & 5761R-11E

AirEngine 5761R-11 & AirEngine 5761R-11E Access Points

Achieving maximum device rates of up to 1.775 Gbit/s to 2.4 Gbit/s, these AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 outdoor APs support more than 1000 users, with excellent outdoor coverage and high waterproof and dustproof ratings, making them ideal for settings such as stadiums, public squares, pedestrian streets, and amusement parks.

ap8082dn ap8182dn overview pc

AP8082DN & AP8182DN Access Points

Outdoor 802.11ac Wave 2 dual-radio access point (AP) supporting four spatial streams (4x4 MU-MIMO) on each radio, providing a total of eight spatial streams.

Ideal for high-density stadiums, plazas, pedestrian streets, and amusement parks.

  • Rail Transportation Access Points
  • Agile Distributed Access Points
AirEngine 6760-51EI

AirEngine 6760-51EI Access Point

A next generation indoor Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP purpose-designed for rail transportation, supporting four spatial streams and a maximum rate of 4.8 Gbit/s. The AP complies with EN50155 vehicle-mounted electronic equipment standards and supports rapid link handover, meeting the stringent requirements for train-to-ground backhaul network deployments.

airengine 9700d m 01

AirEngine 9700D-M Central Access Point

Next-generation agile distributed 10GE central access point (AP) that provides four uplink 10GE ports and 24 downlink GE ports, and supports the connection of up to 24 RUs (AirEngine 5760-22WD), delivering high-quality distributed Wi-Fi 6 coverage. The AP can manage up to 48 RUs through a PoE switch, achieving the forwarding performance of up to 216 Gbps.

Ideal for scenarios with densely located rooms, such as hotels, dormitories, and wards.

  • AirEngine 9700 Series
  • AC6000 Series
  • Wireless Access Controller Cards/Unit

AirEngine 9700-M1 Access Controller

A high-performance wireless AC designed for medium- to large-sized enterprise campuses, enterprise branches, and school campuses, AirEngine 9700-M1 can manage up to 2048 APs, providing up to 120 Gbit/s forwarding performance.


AC6800V Access Controller

A high-performance wireless AC for large campuses, enterprise branches, and school campuses. Based on the Huawei-developed server platform, the AC6800V can manage up to 10,240 APs and provide 60 Gbit/s forwarding performance.

Native AC-X1-X2 Card

Native Wireless Access Controller Cards

Can be installed on S12700, S9700, and S7700 modular switches to provide wireless service functionality, lowering network construction costs.

  • WLAN Antennas
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Coaxial Connectors
  • RF Signal Couplers
  • Combiners
  • ETSI Mounting Brackets
  • Single-port PoE Power Adapters
  • Power Splitters

WLAN Antennas

A variety of antennas for wireless APs to accommodate specialized requirements.

OceanStor Dorado V3

Radio Frequency (RF) Coaxial Connectors

Radio Frequency (RF) coaxial connectors for custom lengths.

OceanStor 18000 V3 Series Storage Systems Left View Front View

RF Signal Couplers

Wide range of couplers for dividing RF signals and connecting to power dividers of an antenna system.

OceanStor 18000 V3 Series Storage Systems Left View Front View


Combiners for mixed signal environments including CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, and 3G signals.

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ETSI Mounting Brackets

ETSI mounting brackets for easy installation of wireless ACs.

wlan Select the Best WLAN Products for Your Business 5

Single-port PoE Power Adapters

Single-port PoE adapters convert AC power into PoE with a maximum port rate of 1,000 Mbit/s.

wlan Select the Best WLAN Products for Your Business 5

Power Splitters

High isolation capacity power splitters with flat in-band and excellent standing wave performance for 2.4 GHz WLANs.

Stories of Success

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The Sweet Taste of Success: Confectionery Manufacturer Roshen's Recipe for an Efficient Wireless Warehouse

Implementing a wireless network from Huawei, we received an excellent, reliable solution that satisfied us in terms of price and quality. Over two years of operating it, the system has not required improvements or any additional intervention. Our warehouse operations run smoothly 24 hours a day, so we are fully satisfied with the system,

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Southeast University Embraces Digitalization with Wi-Fi 6 and All-Optical Ethernet Access

The upgraded Wi-Fi network is awesome, with incredible signal all over our dormitories. The connection is also stable, never disconnecting, even during peak hours. Its high bandwidth also means that live-streamed classes are smoother than ever, and downloading files from the network is crazy fast.

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Full Speed Ahead — Gigantic Infotel Brings Wi-Fi 6 Broadband Services to the Ganga Plain

Huawei is our long-term partner and we have been using their products and services for years. They are strong and excellent in terms of technical innovation, practical experience, product quality, and service response, and we are very satisfied working with them.

News and Events