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    State Grid Jiangsu and Huawei Build the World's First Wireless Private Network for the Electric Power Industry

During the peak season this summer, despite the surge in demand, State Grid Jiangsu maintained a stable energy supply, greatly reducing fault-induced power outages.

Huawei and State Grid Jiangsu have been working on private networks for the electric power industry since 2018. Today, relying on 3739 dedicated base stations, State Grid Jiangsu has built the largest and most capable broadband wireless private network in China that covers all major power supply areas in the province.

Marking yet another milestone in the partnership, Suzhou Power Supply Company recently connected another distributed PV power generation project to its automated dispatching system through the wireless private network, making communications project faster and cheaper to build.

The wireless private network is part of the province's adaptation to the transformation of electric power production, operations, and service models. This comes on the heels of China's push to develop new and greener electric power systems. State Grid Jiangsu has thus far connected 330,000 services to the network, including remote control of automated power distribution, generation-grid-load-storage integration, distributed PV, and power consumption information collection. Now, it boasts a 40% higher capability in smart remote control and sees 24% less time spent on power outages per year.

During the peak season this summer, despite the surge in demand, State Grid Jiangsu maintained a stable energy supply. This is largely thanks to the smart load management, fault isolation, and new energy allocation achieved through the wireless private network. The province has greatly reduced fault-induced power outages and can now recover from faults 2.36 hours faster on average.

Not only does the wireless private network assure better services, it also saves money and time. State Grid Jiangsu saved CNY4 billion in investment and CNY350 million in grid-tied construction of enterprise PV power generation compared with optical fiber access. And now, it takes only 2 days instead of 60 to 90 days to build communications projects. In addition, over 20 acres of land resources are saved by sharing over 3500 transmission towers.

Huawei and State Grid Jiangsu are already planning for the future. They have built a spectrum coordination mechanism to improve the utilization efficiency of the radio spectrum, setting the industry up for future development. Plus, the comprehensive electric power wireless private network is built on a secure, reliable, economical, flexible, and ubiquitous energy Internet. This is sure to promote the use of wireless private networks in a range of other industries.

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