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    All-Scenario Data Protection


    The OceanProtect Data Protection provides disaster recovery, backup, and archiving products and solutions to ensure continuity for your business, with zero data loss and long-term retention.

What Is Huawei OceanProtect Data Protection?

OceanProtect is a full-lifecycle solution that provides Disaster Recovery (DR), backup, and archiving services to help enterprises cope with the soaring volume of diversified data that drives the digital world. Powered by the latest, cutting-edge technologies, it ensures zero service disruption, zero data loss, and long-term information retention.

Data Protection Challenges and Trends

As the world embraces the digital economy, data is becoming a fundamental and strategic resource, as well as a key production factor. Today, data is the lifeblood of organizations, but this precious asset is vulnerable: natural disasters, viruses, intrusions, and software and hardware faults may lead to data loss. As the value of data — and threats to it — continue to increase, finding an effective data protection solution is more important than ever before, for both public and private organizations.

With the evolution of more and more applications for data, requirements on the protection level, objects, performance, and scale have increased dramatically. Comprehensive protection throughout the entire data lifecycle is now paramount.

Huawei OceanProtect All-Scenario Data Protection

The solution implements comprehensive DR of hot data, rapid backup and restoration of warm data, and warm archiving of cold data, throughout the data lifecycle. Designed for the digital world, it offers all-scenario intelligent convergence, ensuring zero service disruption, zero data loss, and long-term information retention.

DR: Guaranteed Service Continuity

Huawei's DR solutions are multi-layered and comprehensive, from underlying data to upper-layer applications, and from a single data center to multiple data centers. Based on extensive real-world experience in the DR field, Huawei's suite of DR solutions — such as local High Availability (HA), active-standby, active-active, and Three-Data-Center (3DC) — fully meet DR system construction standards in a range of industries, ensuring service continuity.

  • Zero Service Disruption

    Server Area Network-Network Access Server (SAN-NAS) convergence, coupled with a gateway-free active-active architecture, ensures stable running of services with zero disruption, even in the event of a production system failure.

  • Non-Disruptive Failover

    Services failover in just seconds without affecting host links or upper-layer applications, in the event a fault occurs in production storage.

  • Visualized Management

    Simplified Operations and Maintenance (O&M) with visualized global topology, central alarm management, and one-click DR drill and failover.

Backup: Efficient Protection and Zero Data Loss

Huawei's backup solution provides centralized and all-in-one backup modes to support the efficient backup of applications such as databases, file systems, and Virtual Machines (VMs).These solutions are designed to resolve problems of inefficient data backup, high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and difficult data utilization, ensuring data is not lost during daily operations.

  • Multi-Stream Engine

    Multi-node distributed parallel architecture facilitates multi-stream parallel backup and linear performance expansion. The front end offloads the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network protocol stack to the Network Interface Card (NIC), releasing Central Processing Unit (CPU) resources. The back-end CPU multi-core parallel scheduling enables dedicated cores through grouping and task partitioning, improving node processing capability.

  • Data Reduction

    Proprietary optimized data reduction algorithms significantly improve the data reduction ratio.

  • Simplified Management

    Unified backup, replication, and archiving protection policies — all available on a unified management portal — help automate data protection processes, simplifying data recovery into just three steps. Additionally, a distributed global retrieval engine enables users to find files in seconds and recover data quickly.

Archiving: Instant Access and Linear Expansion

Huawei provides a long-term archiving solution, featuring instant access and linear expansion, meeting customer requirements for long-term cold data archiving and regulatory compliance.

  • Quick Access

    Archived data is stored on disks and can be accessed in real-time, without the need to schedule reading, realizing quick query and analytics.

  • Linear Expansion

    Archive storage uses distributed architecture that supports on-demand node expansion. Capacity and performance can be linearly expanded, effectively reducing the initial investment required and facilitating massive data archiving.

Intelligent Convergence

The data-native and converged protection solution implements application-oriented DR, backup, and archiving, for unified data protection and management, improving management efficiency. In addition, unified storage architecture enables data to be natively stored in the same format for production, DR, backup, and archiving, facilitating cross-system data copy mobility and use, optimizes data use efficiency, and accelerates service innovation.

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