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"5G + Wi-Fi + IoT" Convergence, Opening Up a New Blue Ocean for Enterprise Wireless

The "5G + Wi-Fi + IoT" converged campus network solution brings new value to more industries and extend from office campuses to production campuses. The full potential of this hyper-converged campus network solution will be seen especially in healthcare, large enterprise, manufacturing, port, warehousing, and other scenarios, where it will accelerate industry digital transformation and maximize enterprise digital productivity.

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Filling Genomics' Biggest Gap

Huawei's High-Performance Data Analytics Solution helped to shorten the hospital’s genome sequencing analysis time from 24 hours to just seven minutes.

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Native Hard Pipe: Building a Reliable All-Optical Foundation for Industrial Digital Transformation

Huawei expects the NHP-enabled optical network to become a reliable foundation for building a fully connected, intelligent, and green world.

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Huawei Intelligent Simplified Campus Network Solution, Simplifying Your Enterprise Campus Network Without Compromising Network Quality

Zhou Qiang


Huawei is a top vendor in the global enterprise wired and wireless LAN infrastructure market and has been named a leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™. To cope with the changes in enterprise office campus scenarios, Huawei launches the Intelligent Simplified Campus Network Solution. This solution features simplified architecture, energy efficiency, and always-on services, helping enterprises build a high-quality campus network.

#Campus Network
airengine wifi builds full wireless network list
Detail-Centric and Quality-Focused: Huawei's Premium AirEngine Wi-Fi Builds Fully-Wireless Networks with Ultimate Experience



Huawei remains dedicated to helping enterprises build intelligent, fully-wireless cloud campus networks. This has culminated in Huawei being named a leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure.

leaders quadrant list
Key Success Factors for Huawei Being Named Leader by Gartner

Yuan Yaru


Huawei is named a leader by Gartner in its 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure released on December 22, 2022.

#Campus Network
china construction bank list 1117
How Can Banks Stay Competitive amid Global Digitalization?

Dr. Margaret HU


Gone are the days when brick-and-mortar banks were enough. Instead, digital financial services are taking over, going as far as the creation of digital currencies and assets. To stay competitive, traditional financial institutions must adapt and transform. After all, users already expect a more convenient and personalized experience that is entirely secure and reliable.

#Intelligent Finance
Unleash Digital Productivity of Electric Power, Huawei and Indonesia Explore the Road to Sustainable Development Together

James Zeng


Huawei has adopted innovative solutions to jointly introduce and build digital infrastructure to promote digital transformation and green low carbon of Indonesian electric power.

Challenges and Solutions to Cloud Adoption in the Finance Sector

Zhao Junwei


The rapid digitalization of financial services has prompted many banks, insurers, and securities to quickly adopt the cloud. But financial cloud migration is not so simple. Companies must assure regulatory compliance while also maintaining enough elasticity to support future financial services. How can we, as a technology company, help the finance sector go digital with cloud?

mega list 1021
New Finance in the Metaverse Era

David G. W. Birch


In the world of business, it was only when the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, made the decision to buy Activision — the company that made Call of Duty — for US$75 billion that a lot of business people sat up and realized that the metaverse is not just about games. When someone like Nadella is willing to pay that much money for a metaverse-related business, it became clear that this is not just a hype. This is real business.

#Intelligent Finance
5 Ways Technology Delivers a Better Experience to Credit Card Holders

Chen Kun Te,Frank LU


Users expect more, faster, and better banking services. This goes for everything and credit card services are no exception. Banks that design the best apps for their credit card users and create the optimal user journeys will win against their competition. For this, they'll need technology.

#Intelligent Finance
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