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    Enterprise Wireless

    Building visualized, perceptible, and more secure private mobile communications to safeguard key services


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Enterprise Wireless

ICT needs a ubiquitous, reliable connection to empower industry digitalization. For governments and industries such as transportation and energy, our enterprise wireless provides purpose-built mobile communications supported by 4G/5G base stations, microwave, and core network products. We build end-to-end and reliable high-speed data channels to facilitate our customers' production and speed up their digital upgrade. For industry customers, we have 4G/5G networks to provide private mobile connectivity anywhere, while governments and enterprises can enjoy our microwave and core network portfolios. Our microwave network provides wide data channels when fiber is unavailable. Our core network links up mobile networks across regions while enabling data connection with the production and application systems or voice connection with the office phone system.

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Industry Wireless

Connectivity is the engine for digitalization. Backed by leading 4G/5G technologies, our industry wireless enables digitalization spanning government, transportation, and energy fields through deterministic broadband connections that can be brought anywhere.


Enterprise Microwave

Huawei's enterprise microwave solutions include microwave transmission and radar sensing, the first of which is based on Huawei's leading 5G wireless technologies. They support a transmission rate of 20 Gbps per site, ultra-low latency of 50 µs, simplified modular architecture, and intelligent cloud-based network management platform. The radar sensing solution is based on Huawei's innovative long-distance high-precision sensing technology. It supports a deployment spacing of 1,000 m, a sensing precision of 95%, and 24/7 operation for smart transportation.


Enterprise Cloud Core

A core network is the hub of an industry private network. Through packet core networks, Huawei provides a highly reliable industry application data connection and forwarding platform for customers in sectors such as government, transportation, electric power, and manufacturing. Through voice core networks, Huawei provides a multimedia communications platform that supports multiple services and multiple access modes for customers from governments and large enterprises. Through hybrid video, Huawei provides an integrated video management platform that covers video production, distribution, and consumption for customers in industries such as radio and television, media and entertainment, and culture and tourism.