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    Enterprise Campus Network

    Fully-Wireless Intelligent Campus Network, Facilitating Enterprise Digital Transformation.


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What Kind of Campus Network Is Best Suited to the Digital Era?

In the cloud era, digitalization extends from campus office to all aspects of production and operations. This gives rise to a multitude of new business forms such as smart campus, flexible manufacturing, mobile finance, and e-government. Against this backdrop, we can build contactless workplaces for efficient and secure production operations, improve office efficiency for more innovations through audio- and video-based collaboration, and accelerate service cloudification to adapt to ever-changing business environments.



Zero-Roaming Distributed Wi-Fi Solution

Based on industry trends and user requirements, Huawei's zero-roaming distributed Wi-Fi solution builds a future-oriented next-generation Wi-Fi network for the healthcare and warehousing industries. This solution helps the industry build an intelligent network featuring zero roaming, wide coverage, and three-network isolation & converged deployment, greatly improving work efficiency in healthcare.


Large and Midsize Campus Network Solution

In large and midsize enterprise campus scenarios, the next-generation simplified architecture and innovative optical-electrical PoE solution simplify campus network planning, deployment, and O&M, providing high-quality campus network services for enterprises.


Intelligent Fully-Wireless Cloud-Managed Network Service Solution

Ideal for multi-branch campus networks, Huawei's Intelligent Fully-Wireless Cloud-Managed Network Service Solution draws on cloud managed networking technology to implement network planning, deployment, and O&M on the cloud, simplify network management with user-friendly interfaces, and reduce costs through remote O&M. Based on an open platform, this solution accelerates the rollout of digital applications across industries including retail as well as primary and secondary education.


Wi-Fi 6 Smart Urban Rail Solution

Huawei's Wi-Fi 6 Smart Urban Rail Solution is ideal for train-to-ground communication and wireless coverage needed for autonomous driving smart urban rail, delivering more secure, convenient, efficient, energy-efficient, and economical innovative travel experiences.


Financial Multi-Branch SD-WAN Solution

Huawei's solution is purpose-built for financial branch networks, securely connecting financial branches, ATMs, and headquarters data centers. The benefits include network visualization, lower leased line costs, uncompromised experience for all services upon network deterioration, and higher O&M efficiency.


Stories of Success

case 01


Heilongjiang International University Builds a Green Campus Network with Simplified Architecture and Optical-Electrical PoE

It quickly became clear to HIU that its existing campus network couldn't cope with the recent surges in growth. Building a future-proofed campus network was the only option left.

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Dubai International Financial Centre Prioritizes Digital Transformation to Enhance Connectivity and Accessibility with Wi-Fi 6

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is one of the world's leading financial centers and home to the largest, most developed Financial Technology (FinTech) ecosystem in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region.

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Digital Government

CONAGUA Mexico: Digitally Transforming Water Conservancy with Wi-Fi 6

Digital transformation is profoundly changing the ways we live and work, with governments globally accelerating the digital transformation of their public administration agencies.


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