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Huawei Launches Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) to Accelerate Electric Power Intelligence

Feb 26, 2024

[Barcelona, Spain, February 26, 2024] At MWC Barcelona 2024, electric power customers and leaders from international organizations gathered to discuss the latest practices and innovations in digitalization and intelligence for the electric power industry. Huawei launched its Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) during the summit themed "Leading Infrastructure to Accelerate Electric Power Intelligence".

David Sun, Vice President of Huawei and CEO of Electric Power Digitalization BU, Huawei, launches Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS)

David Sun, Vice President of Huawei and CEO of Electric Power Digitalization BU, Huawei, launches Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS)

David Sun, Vice President of Huawei and CEO of Electric Power Digitalization BU, Huawei, delivered a keynote speech and launched Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS). Huawei collaborated with ecosystem partners to develop the solution, which addresses high line loss, poor reliability, and heavy pressure on new energy load management. It enables electric power enterprises to transition from single-point digitalization to architecture-supported, open, evolvable, and systematic digitalization. It utilizes various key technologies based on a cloud-pipe-edge-pipe-device architecture. Huawei suggests using the on-premise private cloud as the digital foundation on the cloud side. Both wired and wireless solutions for the backhaul network are available. On the edge side, an all-in-one terminal called an edge computing unit (ECU) acts as a lean management carrier and combines communication, perception, and computing functions. The next-generation high-speed power line carrier communication (HPLC) on the low-voltage communication pipe side supports minute-level data acquisition, massive interactive connections, and a 99% acquisition success rate.

The Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) has already been implemented successfully within China. It enables the monitoring of distribution networks, real-time detection of the 10kV line status, and intelligent management of low-voltage distributed new energy. The solution combines HPLC and other new technologies. It enhances transparent perception and service digitalization in power transformer districts. The IDS has delivered positive initial test results in several countries outside China as well.

Huawei has created a range of solutions that rely on three key digital components: target communication networks, computing power with cloud-edge-device synergy, and digital platforms. These solutions are assisting in the digital and intelligent transformation of electric power companies worldwide. At the summit, Sigit Witjaksono, the Director of Connectivity Business of PT. PLN Icon Plus, shared about their cooperation and innovative practices with Huawei in one fiber for multiple services and digital distribution. Mahmoud BinAhmed, the Acting Chief Commercial Officer, Integrated Dawiyat, shared how to monetize the assets of an electric company. Senelec's Transmission Network Director, Mam Singui Sarr, presented the Senelec Smart Grid ONE Network concept. It was based on challenges and key indicators in power transmission, transformation, and distribution, including line loss and power supply reliability indicators (such as SAIDI and SAIFI).

Moving forward, Huawei will continue to curate digital transformation methodologies and share them with customers and partners. We will help enhance digital foundations of electric power companies worldwide, speed up intelligent development, and provide an attractive option for the global market.

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