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The Foundation of a Digital Classroom

A successful student-teacher relationship is fundamental to a student’s learning. Technology — Wi-Fi networks, Thin Clients (TCs), and SMART interactive displays — is bridging the gap between students and teachers, and facilitating such relationships. Crucial, however, to the successful adoption of these technologies (among others) is a high-performance Data Center (DC).

Huawei’s Education Cloud Data Center infrastructure deploys virtualization technologies, unified management software, and a service continuity assurance mechanism, to offer agile, efficient, and reliable DC services — helping education informatization move towards the cloud.

Huawei’s Private Cloud — FusionCloud — leverages cloud computing in collaboration with big data technologies to provide data pooling services, as well as full-stack cloud service capabilities. Education institutes — preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, and further and higher education institutions — are provided will complete, End to End (E2E) services that facilitate learning, and encourage collaboration.

And the DC’s modular architecture integrates the transaction, DC power system, and water- and air-cooling systems, reducing delivery time frames by up to 50%. Using specialized construction modes, the DC can be quickly replicated and capacity expanded, improving Return On Investment (ROI). The DC’s modular Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has an efficiency of up to 97%.

Huawei — in collaboration with partners — works with education departments, at both state and regional levels, to ensure students and teachers are provided with best-in-class technologies to facilitate successful learning and teaching experiences.

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  • Agile Deployment

    Virtual DCs enable flexible resource allocation and minute-level education service rollout.

  • Efficient Management

    Unified DC management enables multiple campuses to be managed remotely at the same time, improving efficiency ten-fold.

  • Protected Investment

    Based on Huawei’s OpenStack architecture, a heterogeneous network is compatible with devices from multiple vendors, protecting investment and ensuring ROI.