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    Zero-Roaming Distributed
    Wi-Fi Solution

    Next-generation zero-roaming distributed Wi-Fi architecture helps build healthcare networks with zero service interruptions.


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Zero-Roaming Distributed Wi-Fi Solution

Focusing on in roaming packet loss and network construction separation in the healthcare industry, Huawei innovatively develops an innovative zero-roaming distributed Wi-Fi solution. In this solution, one distributed AP (DAP) connects to eight optical radio units (ORUs) and 64 antenna units (AUs). Working with next-generation hybrid cables, the solution implements 500 m ultra-long-distance deployment and provides Wi-Fi coverage for 64 rooms, building Wi-Fi networks with zero roaming and zero service interruptions. Based on industry trends and user requirements, Huawei's zero-roaming distributed Wi-Fi solution builds a future-oriented next-generation Wi-Fi network for the healthcare industries. This solution helps the industry build an intelligent network featuring zero roaming, wide coverage, and three-network isolation & converged deployment, greatly improving work efficiency in healthcare.


062 latency zero

Zero Roaming

The innovative distributed architecture achieves zero roaming and zero packet loss.

Long-Distance Coverage

Wide Coverage

A single AP covers 64 rooms.

easy to deploy

Three-Network Isolation and Converged Deployment

Intranet, extranet, and IoT networks are isolated from each other and deployed in a converged manner.


In the zero-roaming distributed Wi-Fi solution, the 1 DAP + 8 ORUs + 64 AUs + next-generation hybrid cables together implement 500 m ultra-long-distance deployment and provide Wi-Fi coverage for 64 rooms, building Wi-Fi networks with zero roaming and zero service interruptions for the healthcare industry.

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