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Building a Network to Cope with the Demands of Big Data Transmission

To cope with experimental big data transmission in education and scientific research, as well as support a range of new services on a unified basis — including distance learning, digital libraries, and video conferences — a super-wide, flexible, and intelligent network is vital. Without it, a range of problems inevitably arise: insufficient bandwidth, low reliability, complex management issues with diverse types of devices deployed on a legacy network, plus long service provisioning time.

Huawei’s Education Backbone Network Solution, with end-to-end Multi-Service Optical Transport (MS-OTN) architecture, carries multiple services, including SDH/IP/FC, as well as supporting InfiniBand interfaces for High-Performance Computing (HPC) interconnection. Single-fiber capacity is greater than 20 Tbit/s, so a single wavelength can be smoothly evolved from 100G to 200G/400G/1T, to cope with the demands of big data transmission.

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  • Ultra-Large Bandwidth

    The NE-40E router provides 2 Tbit/s line-speed LPU, and supports 36T. OTN transmission products support SDH/OTN/PKT service access and unified switching, and single wavelength 100G/200G/400G supports smooth evolution from 1T/2T to 20T+.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Equipment-level and network-level protection, with Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) protection against multiple fiber cuts, provides 99.999x% reliability. Huawei’s patented router, Virtual Private Network Fast Reroute (VPN FRR), ensures fast service recovery in any scenario.

  • Simple O&M

    Netstar network planning tools help to quickly plan networks, innovate 5D tools for intelligent diagnosis and analysis, manage resources in a visualized manner, and automatically commission and monitor the entire network, reducing O&M costs.