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Distance Education Solution Promotes End-to-End Educational Equity

Faced with unbalanced economic development and explosive population growth, modern education faces many challenges, such as high concentration of teaching resources, lack of teachers, and monotonous teaching methods.

The Huawei Distance Education Solution seamlessly integrates class recording, remote teaching, and interactive teaching. Through the unified teaching cloud platform, Huawei provides an end-to-end solution — platform to classroom to individual learners — to realize real-time audio and video interactive teaching, online classroom live broadcast, full-angle classroom recording, and on-demand playback of high-quality teaching resources. This promotes the sharing of quality education resources, enriches the teaching mode, and improves the fairness of education.

  • Online Learning Platform

    The Online Learning Platform is a platform for sharing high-quality educational resources. It provides convenient, efficient, and high-quality learning and training content-sharing between teachers and students in a country or region and becomes a network community for schools, teachers, students, and parents.

  • LVC (Virtual Online Class)

    The LVC virtual online class can connect teachers and students in different classrooms, computers, or even homes to the same online class to create an immersive classroom experience. This saves significant travel expenses and time for enterprises or schools, greatly improving teaching convenience and resource utilization.

  • Smart Classroom

    Smart Classroom seamlessly integrates recording and remote interactive teaching. It can interact with remote audio-visual classrooms in real time and record classroom activity in a comprehensive and multi-dimensional manner. Real-time live broadcasts can be accessed anytime and anywhere by using multiple terminals, and playback and sharing of high-quality resources can be achieved. in this way, education resources are widely shared and teaching modes are greatly enriched.

  • Virtual Studio

    The Virtual Studio is a multi-scenario virtual release system designed for campus virtual release. It only requires a space of 15 to 20 square meters to meet the cultural publicity and entertainment activities of the campus, including such requirements as course recording and real-time remote training.

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  • End-to-End Solution

    Provides all-round access from the platform to the classroom, to desktop and mobile devices, and access to learning anytime, anywhere, greatly promoting the recording and sharing of high-quality educational resources and education for all.

  • Extreme HD Video Interaction

    Teachers and students who have access to different terminals can enjoy HD audio and video and data interaction on a unified interface. And the automatic tracking and recording of teachers’ and students’ classroom activities provide remote students with an immersive learning experience.

  • Unified Maintenance

    Unified teaching platform, integration of remote teaching, online learning, virtual classroom and other functions provide a unified management and maintenance platform and the convenience of resource management and maintenance.