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Intelligent Education: Knowledge Anytime, Anywhere

Modern education becomes more personalized and adopts to hybrid models. Teaching and learning, administration, and scientific research are going digital, cloud-based, and become more intelligent with the use of innovative ICT.

Technologies such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6 bring more mobility and make it easier to access a broad range of (digital) content and resources. With AR and VR, an immersive learning and teaching experience is optimized, and "online + offline" learning and teaching models deliver much more flexibility.

Big data analytics and data governance facilitate a more refined and systematic approach to administration and management of campus personnel, finance, and assets. Data mining makes it possible to analyze and predict students' learning capabilities to further optimize and unlock their full potential.

New developments across disciplines have spurred demand for massive data processing and computing for scientific research. Powerful capabilities and storage performance of High-performance Computing (HPC) shorten the time for research initiatives, reduce the cost of research and accelerate innovations.

ICT is transforming the education industry, which has been around for thousands of years. The future of intelligent education is now.


  • Distance Education

  • Cloud Classroom

  • National Research and Education Network

  • Education Cloud Data Center

  • Campus Network

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Distance Education

Bringing knowledge closer, making resource sharing easier, and enriching the learning experience — for students and teachers alike. Discover more.

Cloud Classroom

Huawei’s Cloud Classroom introduces new multimedia teaching technology — including using TCs and VDIs — with improved data security, simplified O&M, and reduced TCO. Discover more.

National Research and Education Network

Huawei’s National Research and Education Network provides an E2E architecture, while supporting InfiniBand interfaces, and improving performance. Discover more.

Education Cloud Data Center Solution

Huawei’s Education Cloud Data Center introduces new technology to ensure an Education Institute’s DC data is safe, secure, and easily manageable. Discover more.

CloudCampus Network for Primary Education

A high-performing wireless network, with centralized cloud management, reduces OPEX by 80%, and allows students in remote areas to access advanced education resources. Discover more.