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Unifying Information Architecture

In the vast majority of mines around the world, production and information systems are siloed, often manufactured by a wide range of vendors. Such variation makes implementing service collaboration and data convergence difficult, essentially rendering intelligent mine development impossible.

The core of intelligent mining lies in establishing unified industry Internet architecture, along with a unified Internet of Things (IoT) Operating System (OS). Such an OS provides unified access standards and specifications for a wide range of mining equipment and sensors. It also replaces the competing OSs of multiple vendors, while implementing the interconnection of mining equipment through unified interfaces and unified data formats.

This is Huawei's MineHarmony and Mining IoT Solution, including the MineHarmony OS. Through soft-bus technology, MineHarmony helps mining enterprises collect data online, in real time, synchronizing the data with equipment and systems across scenarios. This builds a solid foundation for the development of an intelligent mine, truly ushering in the era of the Internet of Everything (IoE).

With MineHarmony, mining enterprises form a set of standards for IoT data collection through a standard protocol framework, aggregating the data into a unified data lake to later extract its inherent value. MineHarmony also helps to implement intelligent upgrades, synchronizes devices, and fosters collaboration between devices, all while allowing application partners to implement data interworking, intelligent development, and application release.



The highly reliable, low latency, near-field soft bus enables underground intelligent applications.

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