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Agile Education Campus Network Solution

Hubei University of Technology’s 10G campus network

Educational institutions need constantly evolving network technologies for teaching, research, and improving the daily lives of people on campus. When implemented on a large scale, campus networks face several challenges:

  • Large user bases and service coverage needs that do not put a premium on network reliability and stability
  • Networks that cannot handle modern, ever-changing instruction and research activities
  • Inadequate support for an ever-growing number of campus networks, greatly increasing workloads that require more highly skilled O&M personnel
Huawei’s Agile Education Campus Network Solution is perfectly suited to meet those needs.

Huawei deploys industry-leading agile SDN campus networks that are convergent, advanced, and easy-to-manage. The Agile Education Campus Network Solution provides a number of robust capabilities to keep your institution on the cutting now and in the future.

Agile services and on-demand resource distribution

Regardless of your access needs or user density, Huawei networks can help. We support wired and wireless access and use high-density Access Points (AP) for complete coverage. Our resource virtualization technologies dynamically distribute high-capacity network resources to research and teaching nodes based on your service requirements. This efficient resource sharing improves instructional impact, promotes more effective self-study, and keeps your research ahead of the pack.

Future-oriented architecture and agile evolution

Our fully programmable networks support innovative protocols. Huawei’s “one-network, two-plane” deployment mode easily meets almost any service expansion requirement.

Agile management and intelligent O&M

Have it your way, Huawei networks feature in-depth, seamless integration, including:

  • “Zero configuration” access
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Plug-and-play capabilities

Intelligent fault detection

Find and fix problems in a flash. Inline fault detection and chip-level fault location capabilities significantly shorten network fault recovery time and simplify network management and service deployment.

Let us share our knowledge. Contact Huawei for more information about our Agile Education Campus Network Solution.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Plug in with the information generation

Surf the Internet on the go, anytime, anywhere on campus with lightning fast Tbit/s-level bandwidth

Cutting edge innovation now and in the future

Constantly evolve networks with future-oriented architecture that supports innovative protocols

Easy-to-manage and fix networks run smoothly

Take advantage of IP quality sensing, automatic upgrades, and plug-and-play capabilities 

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