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IT Decision-maker Insights: POLAN as an Enabler of Enterprise Campus Transformation

2020-11-04 1335
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Survey Background of the White Paper

To further understand the trends in enterprise campuses, IDC conducted research with IT/network professionals who have strategic insight/knowledge of their enterprise LAN. A total of 318 midsize and large companies were surveyed via phone and web across select countries. Respondents came from organizations representing a mix of industries, including education, government, business buildings, and transportation, as well as others. The white paper includes an array of key findings regarding the value of POLAN, including driving forces, comparison with conventional solutions, major application scenarios, and acceptability of the solution.

IDC Analyst Insights

White Paper Introduction

• Four new trends driving network upgrade in enterprise digital transformation

Global organizations are undergoing continuous digital transformation, embracing cloud computing and ubiquitous mobile connections, big data analysis, IoT, etc.

A text diagram introduces four trends driving network upgrade in enterprise digital transformation.

• IT decision-maker: POLAN is a future-oriented campus network solution

Campus networks need to be flattened and simplified. Network builders shall embrace a new network that connects the access layer to the core layer at one hop.

A diagram illustrates the differences between traditional and future campus network.

• What benefit of POLAN impresses IT decision makers?

A text diagram illustrates the benefit of POLAN.

• What benefit of POLAN impresses IT decision makers?

A text diagram illustrates the benefit of POLAN from different industry aspects.

• Which vendor delivers the most recognized POLAN solution?

Among dozens of POLAN vendors worldwide Huawei stands out.

Huawei’s solutions help POLAN increased its efficiency by 61.9%.

• How are customers satisfied with POLAN?

A text diagram explains how Huawei’s solutions stood out among dozen of POLAN vendor worldwide.


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