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AI Drives Industry 4.0, Delivering Infinite Business Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) mines smart data from mass data to accurately determine, classify, and predict things. With the popularity of technologies such as deep learning algorithms, AI applications have exploded at an amazing speed. The fourth technological revolution is one driven by AI and is the first to sweep the Internet and finance industries. This revolution promotes enterprise development around intelligent transformation. It reduces costs, improves efficiency, and brings new business opportunities to enterprises.

By 2025, 86% of enterprises worldwide will leverage AI’s benefits



Speech recognition

Autonomous driving

Precision marketing

Customer profiles

Video analysis

Three Key Elements Drive AI, Network Becomes the Bottleneck of Computing Power Improvement

Data, algorithm, and computing power are the three key elements of AI development. The new data volume (180 ZB) in 2025 will extend far beyond human processing capability — 95 percent of data will depend on AI processing. To improve AI computing power, the performance of storage and computing has been accelerated. Still, traditional Ethernet cannot effectively end packet loss (0.1 percent packet loss reduces the data center’s computing power by 50 percent). Packet loss becomes the bottleneck of computing power improvement.

Computing speed improved 100-fold

Access speed improved 100-fold

Limited improvement

CloudEngine Builds Intelligent and Lossless Data Center Networks for the AI Era

  • Embedded AI Chip, Ensuring Zero Packet Loss
    The CloudEngine 16800 provides high-density 400GE line cards with a switching capability of up to five times the industry average. This meets traffic multiplication’s requirements in the AI era. With the embedded AI chip, CloudEngine switches can intelligently analyze network traffic models and implement zero packet loss, low latency, and high throughput. The AI Fabric intelligent and lossless data center network solution composed of CloudEngine switches has passed the EANTC’s high-performance data center test. Latency can be reduced by 44.3 percent.
    Latency can be reduced by 44.3 %
  • Unique Intelligent Algorithm Set, 30% Higher Efficiency than Industry Average
    Huawei CloudEngine data center switches use the iLossless intelligent algorithm. The switches implement global optimization based on dynamic Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN), Virtual Input Queue (VIQ), and fast Congestion Notification Packet (CNP). They achieve the highest network performance and optimal application experience. In a competition test conducted by the Tolly Group, the AI Fabric intelligent and lossless data center network solution constructed by CloudEngine switches leads in High-Performance Computing (HPC), distributed AI training, and distributed storage scenarios.
    Efficiency compared to industry 30 %
  • Convergence of Computing, Storage, and Data Networks Reduces TCO by 53 Percent
    Three networks need to be deployed in a traditional data center: HPC network based on InfiniBand (IB), storage network (SAN) based on Fibre Channel (FC), and LAN (switching network) based on Ethernet architecture. The first two dedicated networks need professional O&M staff, which is costly. Huawei CloudEngine switches use the embedded AI chip and algorithm to build a converged Ethernet network with zero packet loss that reaches 100 percent computing power. They implement convergence of three networks and reduce the TCO by 53 percent.
    TCO can be reduced by 53 %
Success Stories

    An Internet giant has deployed autonomous driving. Autonomous driving training involves a large number of AI calculations. One day’s data collection requires hundreds of GPU servers to complete training within seven days. This severely affects autonomous driving’s Time-To-Market (TTM). Huawei CloudEngine switches provide the intelligent and lossless Ethernet with zero packet loss, low latency, and high throughput. It reduces overall training time by 40 percent and accelerates autonomous driving’s commercial use.


    Bank A is one of China’s largest commercial banks and a Fortune Global 500 company. Bank A’s branch cloud is an innovative pilot in cloud strategy. The pilot uses RDMA technology to provide users with the same experience as local disk access. This technology improves network throughput and reduces CPU consumption. CloudEngine’s intelligent congestion scheduling implements zero packet loss, low latency, and high throughput on the network to accelerate RDMA communication. The storage cluster’s IOPS performance improves by 20 percent during testing, and a single volume’s performance reaches 350,000.

    Cloud Service Provider

    Company C is a well-known Chinese cloud computing service provider. Company C used Huawei’s CloudEngine data center switches on a distributed storage network, which enables them to build an intelligent and lossless network. Company C’s network provides high quality cloud disk experiences for millions of customers.