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    CloudEngine 9800 Series
    Data Center Switches

    Intelligent 100G Ethernet switches with network adaptation and self-optimization.


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CloudEngine 9800 Series Data Center Switches

CloudEngine 9800 series switches are high-performance 100G Ethernet switches designed for data center networks, featuring high-density 100 GE ports and low latency. Compatible with a range of other CloudEngine series switches (CE 16800, 12800, 8800, 6800, and 5800), the CloudEngine 9800 series can be used to build an elastic, virtualized, high-quality fabric that meets the demanding requirements of cloud-computing data centers.

Using an advanced hardware structure, the switches provide high-density 100 GE/40 GE ports to support various data center features, and can function as core or aggregation switches on data center networks.

Dual Network Interface


Featuring four slots with 32 x 100 GE ports per card, supporting up to 128 x 100 GE QSFP28 ports in a 4U chassis.

Intelligent Traffic Scheduling


The unique iLossless algorithm enables real-time learning and training of network-wide traffic, implementing network adaptation and self-optimization.



High-speed proactive reporting of data, based on Google Remote Procedure Call (gRPC), with proactive detection of network-wide paths, and real-time monitoring of network health status.


Parameters CloudEngine 9860-4C-EI
Ports 4 slots that support up to:
128 x 100 GE QSFP28
Switching Capacity 25.6 Tbit/s
Forwarding Performance 7600 Mpps
Buffer 65 MB
Reliability LACP
BFD for BGP/IS-IS/OSPF/Static route
O&M Telemetry
Enhanced ERSPAN
Data Center Features M-LAG
Maximum Power Consumption 1627 W
Power Supply 1200 W AC & 240 V DC 
Operating Voltage AC:90 V to 290 V
HVDC: 190 V to 290 V

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