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    Data Center Switches

    Featuring network scaling, automation, programmability, and real-time visibility for a wide range of network sizes.


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Data Center Switches

CloudEngine Data Center Switches — Ethernet switches widely used in diverse applications and in different network sizes, in both data centers and high-end campus networks — feature network scaling, automation, programmability, and real-time visibility.

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High Scalability and Flexibility

Huawei provides the industry's most diversified product portfolio, supporting flexible networking of any size, from just 500 to more than 50,000 servers. Real-time analysis of collected data also enables quick, constant service innovation as well as intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

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Superb Automation and Agility

iMaster NCE-Fabric — Huawei's network automation and intelligence platform — automates operations with overlay and underlay networks, integrating third-party DevOps tools through standard open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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Open Architecture-based Smooth Evolution

Unified, open architecture supports seamless evolution from a traditional data center network to Software-Define Networking (SDN), purpose-built for the multi-cloud era.

Select the Best DC Switch for Your Business

Core/Aggregation Switches

Access Switches

CloudEngine 16800

CloudEngine 16800 Series Data Center Switches

A data center switch built for the intelligent era, powered by a unique iLossless algorithm that learns and trains network-wide traffic in real-time, achieving zero packet loss and E2E μs latency and maximizing throughput.

CloudEngine Data Center Storage Network Switches

CloudEngine Data Center Storage Network Switches

High performance, high reliability, low latency switches with simplified O&M, an advanced hardware structure, and high-density 10/25/50/100 GE downlink ports plus 100/200/400 GE uplink ports, designed for all-flash storage data centers.

CloudEngine 9800 Series Data Center Switches

High-density 100G Ethernet switches that offer high-performance and low latency for data center networks. Combined with other CloudEngine series switches, they help build an elastic, virtualized, high-quality fabric for cloud-computing data centers.

CloudEngine 8800 Series Data Center Switches

A series of advanced SDN-ready Ethernet switches with high port density, delivering a combination of both high performance and low latency, and specifically suited for data center and high-end campus networks.

CloudEngine 6800 Series Data Center Switches

Next generation, high-density, low latency Ethernet switches with 10 GE, 25 GE, and 50 GE downlink ports and extensive data center service features.

CloudEngine 5800 Series Data Center Switches

Next generation, high density GE switches with 40 GE uplink ports, open and standard NETCONF interfaces, and a wide range of data center service features.