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What Is an Intelligent Video Conferencing Platform?

In the intelligent era, massive terminal access, ultra-High Definition (HD) video, and industry-specific Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications pose many challenges to traditional video conferencing platforms, including the bandwidth demands brought by high-fidelity audio, immersive telepresence-based video conferencing, and vast amounts of data. Meanwhile, users expect platforms to be effortless to use and have backup mechanisms to ensure efficient and stable operations.

Huawei’s next-generation video conferencing platform delivers 4K ultra-HD video with powerful computing capabilities. Its architecture — featuring high reliability, stability, and scalability — connects people everywhere, bringing them into the same virtual meeting space and providing a first-class audio and video experience. These virtual meetings help enterprises by reducing travel expenses, improving the efficiency of their communications, and accelerating their decision making processes. The video conferencing platform can also be connected to enterprises’ existing office IT or video conferencing systems and quickly upgrade their video conferencing services, making digital transformation much simpler.

Key Features


  • Meeting Management

    The Service Management Center (SMC) is a video conferencing service management system that provides unified management and centralized control functions, including resource management, meeting management, report statistics, and alarm maintenance.

  • Call Control

    The Switch Center (SC) supports H.323/SIP call control and firewall traversal, implementing seamless video communication between enterprise users on the private and public networks, between headquarters and branches, and between enterprises.

  • Multimedia Exchange

    The Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) is a multimedia exchange platform that supports 4K universal transcoding. It integrates audio, video, and data and supports access of meeting terminals, as well as PCs and cellphones, implementing seamless communication and collaboration. Two types of MCU are available: hardware MCU and software MCU (deployed in virtualization mode).

  • Full-Range Endpoints

    Huawei provides a full range of video conferencing endpoints, including telepresence suites in meeting rooms, web portals, and mobile/PC clients, to adapt to specific video conferencing needs.

Choose a Product That Meets Your Needs

Choose a product that meets your needs

CloudLink Edge 1000 Integrated Video Conferencing Solution

Designed for small and medium-sized enterprises; 
25 concurrent 1080p calls and 1000 registrations;
Service management, media control, and session control.

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Deployment for Medium-Sized and Large Enterprises

Video conferencing system is deployed in the data center at HQ for centralized service management;
Media resources deployed separately for regional data centers for nearby access, can be shared between regions;
8000-20,000 concurrent calls and 20,000-200,000 registrations.

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