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다중 캠퍼스 네트워크에 이상적인 CloudCampus는 계획 및 배치에서 최적화 및 검사에 이르기까지 포괄적인 클라우드 관리를 제공하여 네트워크 OPEX를 80% 줄입니다. 개방형 플랫폼을 기반으로 하는 이 - 소매 및 교육을 포함한 산업 전반에 걸쳐 디지털 애플리케이션의 도입을 가속화합니다.

Cloud-Managed Campus Network Solution

With the enormous growth in upper-layer services and data, networks require additional nodes to be deployed. In settings such as enterprise offices, shopping malls and supermarket chains, and educational institutes, building a wireless network could require deployment of hundreds or thousands of APs. The traditional local deployment mode and management by a team of dedicated IT professionals would incur extremely high OPEX.

The Huawei Cloud Managed Campus Network Solution delivers a new network service paradigm that enables cloud-based network service rollout and management. Compared to the industry’s mainstream solutions, the Huawei solution has many additional enhancements. For example, the Huawei solution has converged multiple networks including the IoT and Wi-Fi, achieving all-wireless connections among people, things, and environments. The solution also produces intelligent visualized O&M. By fully leveraging machine learning and Big Data technologies, it delivers the added visibility to continuously optimize experiences for every user and application, predict network faults, and improve user network participation.

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