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Huawei CloudCampus 2.0 Offers...

  • Super Capacity: Fully-Wireless Gigabit Speed and Beyond

    Wireless speeds of over a gigabit per user delivered by AirEngine Wi-Fi 6.

    On-demand flexible multi-GE access, ranging from GE to 10 GE.

    Power over Ethernet (PoE)++ power supply at an ultra-long distance of 300 m.

    Connectivity of everything, with Internet of Things (IoT) converged access.

  • Intelligent Experience: Continuous Self-Organizing Networking (CSON)

    Dynamic resource scheduling for key applications and users improves network-wide throughput by 40%.

    Terminal-network synergy ensures proactive roaming with zero packet loss.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered intelligent radio calibration automates optimization and improves user performance by 58%.

  • Autonomous Driving: Service Provisioning in Minutes

    Automatic planning, deployment, and policy provisioning enable plug-and-play for all network sizes, shortening service rollout to mere minutes.

    Enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can build their own cloud management systems, protecting data security.

    AI and Machine Learning (ML) help detect and diagnose campus network exceptions and rectify faults within minutes.

Deployment Scenarios

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    화웨이 공용 클라우드 시나리오

    Multi-branch Network 및 HQ + Branch Network에 이상적인 화웨이 CloudCampus Solution은 네트워크 계획, 배치, 모니터링, 경험 가시성, 오류 수정 및 네트워크 최적화를 다루는 화웨이 공용 클라우드를 통해 전체 수명주기 클라우드 관리 네트워크 서비스를 구현하는 데 도움이 됩니다. 이 풍부한 기능의 솔루션은 네트워크 관리를 단순화하고 AI 기반 지능형 O&M을 기반으로 서비스 경험을 개선합니다. 또한 개방형 네트워크 아키텍처를 활용하여 소매, 쇼핑몰/슈퍼마켓 및 초중등 교육과 같은 산업 전반에 걸쳐 디지털 애플리케이션의 도입을 가속화합니다.

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    On-Premises Scenarios

    Today’s networks are becoming increasingly complex with a growing demand for digital terminals and applications. Huawei CloudCampus Solution helps enterprises build better networks with one-stop network management and industry-leading cloud management architecture. By integrating big data, AI, and SDN technologies, this solution offers automation and intelligent O&M of campus networks, and delivers high-quality wired and wireless services. It also enables automatic service provisioning, intelligent experience assurance, and increased security protection.

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    Intelligent IP Pioneer

    Industrial Digital Transformation Stories

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    CloudCampus N1 Model

    Controller, analyzer, and network device software are combined into scenario-based packages, simplifying transactions and protecting investment.


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