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    Network Design and Implementation Service

    Construct, upgrade, and expand Information Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure efficiently, smoothly and cost-effectively.


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Network Design and Implementation Service

With a wide range of products, services, and technologies, extensive project management experience, and experience in utilizing the industry’s best practices, Huawei helps customers quickly complete network planning and design, install equipment, and implement and integrate solutions.

Huawei’s Network Design and Implementation Service covers Wide Area Network (WAN)/campus data communication, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), mobile networking, enterprise transmission and access — and more.

The service includes meticulous network design and solution testing, with verification procedures that ensure the smooth migration and stable operations of service systems, providing the best possible user experience. It also provides advanced project implementation processes, project management methodologies, and tools to minimize risks during system upgrades, allowing new services to be quickly made available for commercial use. The service includes solutions that slash system deployment time, reduce related costs, and help customers achieve financial stability and business growth.


business continuity

Fast Commercialization

Standardized implementation processes reduce project risks, accelerating deployment.

Continuous Security

High Security and Stability

Implementation solutions are verified, ensuring service stability during deployment, migration, and expansion.

Interference Protection

Improved Efficiency

Implementation and maintenance requirements are integrated for easy Operation and Maintenance (O&M).


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WAN/Campus Data Communication Planning and Design Service

Huawei helps enterprises implement WAN/campus networks by providing services for new deployment, migration, and capacity expansion. Solution design and verification, as well as integrated deployment and migration/implementation improve network development capabilities, enhance service awareness, and reduce network O&M complexity.

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SDN Planning, Design, and Implementation Service

Based on multiple joint innovation projects and industry best practices, Huawei's SDN Planning, Design, and Implementation Service focuses on customer service requirements and the evolution of Data Center Networks (DCNs), campus networks, and Wide Area Networks (WANs), and provides planning, design, integrated deployment and verification, migration, and transfer services.

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Mobile Network Planning, Design, and Implementation Service

Huawei's Mobile Network Planning, Design, and Implementation Service helps enterprises formulate implementation solutions, conducting testing and verification before deployment. Configuring services and interconnecting systems for rapid rollout, Huawei can also assist in network construction, migration, and capacity expansion.

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Enterprise Transmission & Access Network Planning, Design, and Implementation Service

The world's largest provider of optical networks in terms of volume, Huawei offers a versatile suite of services — from data collection and analysis, through network design and integration implementation, to service and data migration, and service verification and acceptance — allowing it to satisfy diverse customer requirements in the migration and capacity expansion of optical networks. The end result is always secure, smooth transition from initial to target networks.