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  • RTN 500

    Unlicensed PMP Microwave

    Unlicensed frequency, point- to multi-point, large capacity, simple OAM.


  • Overview
  • Features
  • Specifications
Unlicensed PMP Microwave

Unlicensed PMP Microwave

RTN510 is a Point to Multi-Point (PMP) microwave system that works in the unlicensed frequency band of 4.91 GHz to 5.97 GHz.

  • LOS/Non-LOS transmission and flexible PMP networking
  • Highly efficient broadband backhaul for large numbers of video security and information sites 
  • Widely applied in oil and gas field monitoring, campus interconnection, and broadband coverage
Ultra-Broadband Interconnection

Ultra-large Bandwidth

AP 750 Mbit/s and RT 250 Mbit/s are industry’s leading bandwidths. Configurable uplink and downlink bandwidth ratios can be used for video backhaul, broadband access, leased lines, and more

Interference Protection

Prevents Cellular Interference

Digital services based on Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA) are transmitted precisely to resolve potential conflicts in concurrent digital cell phone communications

125 super environmental adaptation

Super Environmental Adaptation

Alloy enclosure is IP67 dustproof and prevents soaking, provides 10 kV lightning protection, and resists corrosion from salt spray. Adapts to harsh environments from -40oC to +60oC


Model RTN510 AP (Access Point) RTN510 RT (Remote Terminal)
Frequency Range 5 GHz:4910 – 5970 MHz
Channel Spacing 10|20|40|80 MHz
RF Functions GPS Synchronization
DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection)
AM (Adaptive Modulation)
Throughput 750 Mbps 250 Mbps
Ports 1*GE(o),1* GE(e), 1*GE (PoE) 1*GE (PoE)
Power Consumption 25 W Typical 10 W Typical
Power Supply AC/DC/PoE
Protection class IP67
Operation Temperature -40°C ~ +60°C