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    Huawei CloudLink Kit

    Open and easy integration for ubiquitous collaboration.

Huawei CloudLink Kit

Huawei CloudLink Kit provides open, easy-to-use, and quickly-integrated Software Development Kits (SDKs) that flexibly integrate with third-party apps and web platforms to enable audio and video optimization and help ensure that security and trustworthiness requirements are met.

  • Sophisticated Technical Base
    Core codec technology, an independent, patented audio and video processing algorithm, powerful network adaptability, and support for up to 3000 concurrent participants.
  • Simplified Integration
    Simple SDK interfaces and numerous demos allow users to get started in one hour, complete a demo in one day, and complete integration in one week.
  • Security and Reliability
    End to End (E2E) encryption provides architecture-level security, while ciphertext transmission ensures zero data leakage.


  • Audio and Video Calls

    Two- or multi-party audio and video meeting, delivering a premium audio and video experience.

  • Audio and Video Call Switching

    Call switching between audio and video in a two- or multi-party meeting.

  • Corporate Directory

    Querying user information in the corporate directory to quickly initiate a Point-to-Point (P2P) audio or video meeting.

  • VMR Meeting

    The system allocates Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) resources to a newly created user, avoiding the need to recreate meetings and allowing new users to join by merely dialing a number anytime, from anywhere.

  • Advanced Functionality

    Supports Advanced Video Coding (AVC), Scalable Video Coding (SVC), and continuous presence.

  • Presentation Sharing

    Supports desktop and desktop application sharing.

  • Meeting Scheduling

    Users can easily schedule audio and video meetings and configure meeting information, such as the duration, guest password, and participants.

  • Joining Methods

    Users can join a meeting through a meeting list, invitation, meeting ID, link, or by dialing a number on a keypad.

  • Meeting Control

    Various meeting control functions are provided for the chair person and attendees, simplifying meeting operations and ensuring efficiency.

  • Excellent Network Adaptability

    Intelligent bandwidth detection and powerful audio and video packet loss concealment algorithm, ensuring clear and smooth audio and video.

  • Enhanced Audio Performance

    Unique noise suppression technology suppresses common office noise and focuses on participants' speech, while anti-howling technology automatically detects and mutes howling and feedback.

  • High Level of Security

    The solution encrypts signaling streams using Transport Layer Security (TLS) and media streams using Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP), while providing password protection mechanisms for meeting access and control.

Open Architecture

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    Development Example

    HW CloudLink Desktop and Mobile

    HW CloudLink Desktop and Mobile is a High Definition (HD) videoconferencing soft client with a brand-new visual system on simplified design architecture. It provides a series of functions to make videoconferencing more convenient — covering scheduling, automatic convening, and quick access to meetings. The client features H.265 SVC technology and high network adaptability, allowing users to freely switch between different sites for a smooth, crisp conferencing experience.

Development Support


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