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    Latest Huawei Enterprise Business News and Announcements,
    Customer Wins, and More

25 2020.03

Partner Content: Why Collaboration with Channel Partners is Key to Huawei’s Growth Strategy

Partnerships can help various enterprises excel, and Huawei is expanding its network to make such collaborations more powerful. Huawei's role includes providing tech talent and driving digital transformation in different markets.

18 2020.03

Why Wi-Fi 6 is an essential driver of digital transformation

Looking at the challenges and trends in connectivity, this blog series introduces solutions powered by 5G and AI that bring benefits for enterprises along the digital transformation journey.

18 2020.03

Huawei's Next-Generation NetEngine AR Series Enterprise Routers Certified by Tolly to Deliver Industry-Leading Performance

Huawei has recently announced that its next-generation NetEngine AR600 and AR6000 series enterprise routers have passed the comparison test and verification by The Tolly Group, an international authoritative provider of testing and validation. The results showed that Huawei's next-generation NetEngine AR routers outperform competitor offerings, and are equipped to handle the growth in traffic from digital transformation in the next three to five years, leading the way to a new era of ultra-fast interconnection for enterprise WANs.

18 2020.03

Coronavirus emergency: Huawei donates technology and health supplies

The company offers its help to support institutions, healthcare personnel and citizens. It includes medical supplies and technological solutions for connections among hospitals, crisis units, patients and families. Available also wi-fi equipments for temporary hospitals. CEO Thomas Miao: "We are close to Italy in this moment and work with carriers and partners to support the country’s effort "

16 2020.03

Huawei powers Thailand telemedicine Video Conference Solution to fight COVID-19

Huawei has donated its Telemedicine Video Conference Solution to Thailand hospitals and Disease Control Department, to support Thailand people’s fight against COVID-19.

12 2020.03

Wi-Fi 6 - a Q&A for CIOs and network managers

Markets are evolving so rapidly that all players work tirelessly to stay connected. Technologies for reliable networks and data access are the fundamentals for intelligent enterprises to succeed.

11 2020.03

In the Digital Economy, Speed Matters

Modern applications are highly reliant on the rapid flow of data, and while there are many factors that govern their responsiveness, one of the most critical is the underpinning infrastructure from which they are delivered.That means the choices an organisation makes regarding where and how data is stored can have a huge bearing on the experience it ultimately delivers.

11 2020.03

Watt-Bit-Heat Synergy Helps Build Greener Data Centers

With the exponential growth of data traffic, data center equipment continues to consume an increasing amount of power, while more power is also required for heat dissipation. This means that the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of data centers needs to be reviewed. Energy conservation and emission reduction have both become global mandates, while environmental protection is key to achieving a global economy with sustainable development. In that regard, all countries are striving to achieve carbon neutrality. Against this backdrop, energy conservation has become an inevitable issue that needs to be discussed across the data center industry.

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