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Huawei Smart Customs Solution: Making Cross-Border Trade Easier and Secured

Mar 25, 2021

[Shenzhen, China, March 25, 2021] Huawei launched the Smart Customs Solution globally during the Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021. It focuses on customs-specific scenarios, with emphasis on goods, vehicles, enterprises, and places to achieve comprehensive digital supervision capability, making cross-border trade easier and secured.

Launch of the Huawei Smart Customs Solution

Secure & Convenient: New Trends in Digital Customs Transformation in a Globalized World

Mr. York Yuekun, President of Huawei's Global Government Business Unit, said: "Serving 170 countries around the world, Huawei understands the challenges and requirements of customs. To achieve efficient clearance and ensure convenient declaration, a comprehensive digital upgrade of customs services is needed. As a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei has worked with global ecosystem partners to leverage its strengths in cloud computing, big data, and AI to put together a secure, convenient, and efficient Smart Customs Solution."

Mr. York Yuekun, President of Huawei's Global Government Business Unit

In an increasingly globalized world, customs is expected to assume new and increasingly important responsibilities in support of national economy and trade development. While strengthening the supervision of trade security, convenient clearance services must also be provided to improve the overall service experience. This is the driving force behind the digital transformation of customs.

Huawei Smart Customs Solution Facilitates Digital Transformation of the Customs Industry

With continuous development in cross-border e-commerce, customs authorities are facing more and more pressure in the supervision of cross-border parcels and logistics. Due to the pandemic, inspection and quarantine are now a key priorities. It is a universal challenge for customs to improve clearance efficiency while ensuring trade security.

Hence, Huawei cooperated with global ecosystem partners to jointly develop the Smart Customs Solution. These partners include CUPIA, Maxvision Technology, and Powerbridge among others. They have been invited to participate in the Customs Session to jointly release the solution together with Huawei. Applying leading ICT technologies such as converged communications, AI, big data, and cloud computing, Huawei created a digital foundation for cloud-network-edge-device integration. Ecosystem partners can then layer on their scenario-based services and applications such as smart customs clearance, intelligent checkpoint, and smart port management.

Augustine Chiew, Huawei’s Director of Global Customs and Tax Industries who released the solution, said, "The Smart Customs Solution will support and aid the implementation of self-service customs clearance in cross-border logistics while ensuring the entire process remain under security supervision. One-stop services such as declaration, payment, and goods release, are now available to enterprises. The solution also achieves comprehensive management of goods, vehicles, enterprises and places."

Huawei has also developed the Intelligent Cube solution for customs clearance at ports. It pre-integrates computing, storage, network, and security capabilities, supporting intelligent checkpoints, customs clearance systems in a unified manner, allowing customs authorities to build one-stop smart customs clearance capabilities quickly. The average deployment time is reduced by approximately 60%, with vehicle clearance time shortened to seconds, greatly improving the intelligence and clearance efficiency of ports.

To meet the network requirements of different scenarios, services, and data in customs, Huawei leverages years of expertise in network connectivity to develop an intent-driven customs network scenario-based solution. This solution uses technologies such as Wi-Fi 6, FlexE-based network slicing, iLossless algorithm, and AI knowledge graph to achieve wide coverage and full connection in all customs scenarios, ensuring low latency and zero packet loss for core services. It also shortened the mean time to repair (MTTR) from 4 hours to 10 minutes, greatly improving user experience. It includes intelligent ultra-broadband, intelligent connection, and intelligent O&M capabilities meeting the digital transformation requirements of customs.

It is our firm belief that digital technologies will continue to drive the transformation of various industries. Therefore, Huawei will continue to iteratively innovate smart solutions to help reshape the future of smart customs, facilitate its digital transformation making cross-border trade easier and secured.

From March 24 to 26, Huawei hosts the Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021 online, exploring the power of the resilient and innovative digital world from three perspectives: business, technology, and ecosystems. Huawei will share insights on digital transformation, and introduce business strategies, talent programs, and ecosystems that support it. We will detail practices that the business has carried out over recent years in the government, education, transportation, finance, and energy sectors, etc. We will also showcase the latest developments in areas including connectivity, cloud and AI.