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Huawei Launches the Intelligent Campus Solution Globally and Improves the Partnership Program

Mar 26, 2021

[Shenzhen, China, March 26, 2021] At the Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021, Huawei released the Intelligent Campus Solution globally and called on partners worldwide to seize the opportunities brought by ICT, integrate industry forces, and jointly promote the development of the intelligent campus industry.

Pablo Cui, Vice President, Intelligent Campus Business Dept, Huawei

Build the Intelligent Campus Solution Based on Its Campus Practices

The fully connected, intelligent world is approaching, with campuses serving as the basic unit of cities, carriers of both work and life, and foundation. As such, our entire society will be enhanced by improving campus efficiency and experience.

Since 2018, Huawei has been implementing solution trials on its own campuses first. To date, the company has intelligently constructed 18 campuses, covering 4.3 million square meters. The remarkable results include a 30% increase in the efficiency of both office collaboration and administrative services, as well as a 10% decrease in energy consumption.

By leveraging experience gained in digital campuses and integrating new ICT, Huawei has developed the Intelligent Campus Solution through ubiquitous connectivity, pervasive intelligence, and converged and shared data, benefiting all the relevant stakeholders. The benefits include superior experience, operational excellence, efficient management, and value-added services.

Improve the Partnership Program to Jointly Boost Development of the Intelligent Campus Industry

With the rapid development of ICT, cloud, AI, computing, and industry applications have been integrated with industry know-how to create unprecedented opportunities for intelligent campuses.

The core of intelligent campuses is the digitalization of buildings and campuses, representing a typical ecosystem-based industry. Facing a huge market, Huawei adheres to its service boundaries, is committed to serving as the "black soil" for the development of the digital economy, and focuses on building an ICT infrastructure platform featuring cloud-network-edge-device synergy. The company's capabilities and best practices are open to partners, and cover connectivity, cloud computing, big data, AI, IoT, and software development.

Long-term partnership is valued. The company fully takes on board partners' extensive industry experience, and works with these partners to develop innovative solutions and enable the digital transformation of campuses across various industries.

Help Hundreds of Customers Implement Campus Digital Transformation

• Huawei worked with DTGO in Thailand to establish standards and build True Digital Park into an intelligent landmark. Based on HUAWEI CLOUD and the Intelligent Campus Digital Platform, this project deployed smart services such as intelligent operation center, perimeter management, video-based patrol, and device management. It enables services using big data to support decision-making at the management level and business innovation, and will facilitate multi-campus access in the future.

• The ancient city of Xi'an is now revitalized by the rapid development of ICT. An example is the intelligent stadiums that Huawei helped Xi'an Olympic Sports Center build. They feature 8K live streaming and immersive halls, which improve the experience of both the players and audience. Through operations management, the center has also enhanced its efficiency and revenue, and helped encourage the general public to take up sports and develop China's sports industry. You are welcome to experience these extraordinary intelligent stadiums at the 14th National Games of China in September this year.

Huawei sincerely invites all intelligent campus partners to co-build an intelligent world and share business success.

Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021 is being held from March 24 to 26, exploring the power of the resilient and innovative digital world from three perspectives: business, technology, and ecosystems. We will share insights on digital transformation, introducing the business strategies, talent programs, and ecosystems that support it. We will detail practices that we have carried out over recent years in the government, education, transportation, finance, and energy sectors, as well as other industries. And we will showcase the latest progress in connectivity, cloud, and AI fields.