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    Intelligent Transmission Line Inspection Solution

    Optimizing the management, maintenance, and monitoring of power transmission lines.


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Intelligent Inspection

Power transmission lines are often deployed in complex terrains, rendering manual inspection risky and difficult to complete quickly.

Supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Huawei Intelligent Transmission Line Inspection Solution conducts intelligent video-based inspection using cloud-edge-device, three-layer architecture. With video AI algorithms on the edge and devices, the solution intelligently detects potential risks, including foreign objects on power lines, tilting poles or towers, and external damage. In addition, an on-device intelligent algorithm repository supports algorithms from multiple vendors.

The cloud facilitates algorithm model training and management, as well as remote algorithm pushes. Cloud-edge synergy enables algorithm updates from the cloud to the edge: the system does not only see potential power line risks, it understands them as well, ultimately improving emergency response and maintenance efficiency by 30% and reducing the inspection workload by 80%.

Gain the Edge

Business Protection


Covering all five categories and 35
subcategories of transmission line
algorithms, Offer 91.24% accuracy and
cut manual analysis costs by 80%.

Digital Operations


OPGW + VideoX self-networking
solution with no coverage holes,
controllable information security, and
zero bandwidth rental fees.

Flexible Installation

Easy to Install

The integrated solution — including
Photovoltaics (PV) storage — is 40%
lighter with 37.5% less devices than the
industry average. Automatic antenna
alignment reduces the tower workload
by 30% and single-site Total Cost of
Ownership (TCO) by 33%.

Intelligent Traffic Scheduling

Easy to Maintain

Huawei iClient and eSight remotely and
centrally manage, visualize, and control
all modules, with cloud-edge synergy,
sustainable algorithm growth, and
remote one-click upgrade in seconds.
With 40% less power consumption
preserving battery life, accurate device
fault location cuts the workload by 90%.






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