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    Intelligent Substation Solution

    Digitalized substations for fully-connected, intelligent electric power systems


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Intelligent Substation Solution

The intelligent substation solution integrates end-to-end video and sensor data management capabilities to accurately locate network faults. In addition, the proprietary high-computing AI infrastructure platform is compatible with mainstream algorithm operators in the industry and can quickly adapt, integrate, and interconnect remote control and intelligent inspection applications. The all-optical network carries real-time data such as broadband and narrowband data, implementing cross-region and cross-application full monitoring and comprehensive linkage of main and auxiliary devices.


resource integration

Automatic operations and remote inspection

You can remotely and even automatically operate the substation, increasing your operational efficiency and mitigating risks. Instead of manual inspections, the solution can perform remote, intelligent inspections on demand.

Active Tuning

Quick response

Don't miss any faults or potential risks with our intelligent operation confirmation and defect analysis functions. The solution also helps you understand the scope of any accidents, helping you quickly handle emergencies.

Cut Costs

Lower production costs

With simpler, more automated O&M, your staff will need to perform 70% fewer manual inspections, reducing the number of site visits, human resources, and vehicle costs.


Our intelligent substation solution is built following the Spark architecture and uses a power wireless private network (GWL). Devices across the solution have unified data access for online monitoring, remote inspection, and O&M management. At the core is our proprietary high-computing infrastructure that enables applications like remote control and intelligent inspection. These functions lead to more efficient O&M, safer operations, and centralized production control.

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