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In the cloud computing 2.0 era, cloud has become one of the core technologies of digital transformations. In order to stimulate innovation, cloud computing no longer focuses on how to reduce costs, but how to create greater value. To help customers address challenges during an in-depth cloud transformation, Huawei provides enablement services throughout the entire lifecycle of industry clouds. During the evaluation phase, through information collection and modeling analysis, Huawei offers comprehensive description of a digital transformation, precisely identifies the application’s resource usage, and produces reports on the feasibility of deploying the application on the cloud. This helps enterprises select cloud architectures that suit them the most and optimize resource allocation.

During the migration phase, Huawei provides customized migration planning, design, and implementation services to meet customer requirements for data integrity, service continuity, data privacy, and security.

When it comes to the O&M phase, Huawei provides customers with professional services such as cloud-based disaster recovery and backup, security, and management services. Leveraging cloud-based tools and platforms, mirroring verification labs, and industry standard service models, Huawei has provided cloud transformation services for more than 1,000 customers worldwide in a wide range of sectors such as finance, government, and manufacturing. These services help customers shorten service provisioning time, increase IT resource utilization to 50%, and reduce TCO to 40%.

Comprehensive, secure, and efficient cloud-based business transformation

  • Full lifecycle of industry clouds

  • Security integration

  • Evaluation of cloud adoption feasibility

Planning, Design, and Implementation

Enterprise customer’s cloud transformations involve a wide array of hardware and software systems. As a result, a major challenge during this process is the deployment of new cloud infrastructure. To address this challenge, Huawei provides professional planning, design, and implementation services.
Based on a deep understanding of customers’ business requirements and live network conditions, Huawei’s technical experts present professional designs that ensure complete and accurate data for planning and design, efficient project operation, and smooth implementation. Based on characteristics of users’ systems and applications, Huawei provides implementation solutions tailored to users’ actual system environments. In addition, Huawei assigns personnel with years’ of experience in managing professional cloud infrastructure implementation service projects as project managers to ensure high-quality and on time project delivery. More than 200 successful projects in various industries and veteran implementation teams lay a solid foundation for future project success. Moreover, Huawei provides scenario-based professional service offerings that cover our desktop cloud solution, cloud data center solution, virtualization solution, and other cloud computing solutions.

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Migration, Disaster Recovery, and Security

After a new industry cloud platform is constructed, the benefits of cloud computing need to be maximized. Customers want to migrate applications that are deployed on physical devices and older platforms to the new cloud platform, while still meeting the disaster recovery and security requirements of these applications. Therefore, a professional migration service is required to ensure service continuity and data security. Huawei’s service migration solutions are tailored to enterprises’ migration requirements, network conditions, migration risks, Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements, and emergency rollback plans. The migration is performed by highly-experienced technical experts to ensure a successful switch to the new platform and that migrated service systems run properly.
In enterprise business markets, migration solutions must address challenges such as complex service continuity requirements, high costs in building disaster recovery mechanisms, and lengthy project schedules. By following strict disaster recovery methodology, Huawei acquires service and data recovery goals based on Risk Assessment (RA) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA) results. This is followed by solution design, implementation, and testing before putting the services into operation and continuous improvement. To simplify service continuity requirements, Huawei provides cloud-based disaster recovery as a service, allowing for lower costs and shorter construction time. Huawei also provides cloud security integration services to meet customer requirements on application security and security protection level certification, helping customers move from passive to proactive cloud security defense.

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Construction, Development, and Management of Big Data Platforms

The world has entered an era driven by data research and application. Big Data has penetrated into every aspect of society, changing the global landscape of the economy, interests, and security. Based on customers’ business requirements and live network conditions, Huawei provides a cluster architecture solution design and integration implementation service for Big Data projects.
To help customers cope with any difficulties in using the new technologies, Huawei provides development support services in four areas: Example guidance, security certification, application development guidance, and table design guidance. We also evaluate the cluster running status to give suggestions on cluster optimization. Moreover, Huawei provides platform migration services to fully unleash the value of customers’ data assets and prevent them from falling into the trap of siloed IT construction. The services help customers migrate and transform data among multiple Big Data platforms provided by various vendors or using different versions. Source clusters include both Huawei’s and third parties’ Big Data platforms. With professional knowledge and skills, Huawei offers end-to-end platform migration services, from planning and design to delivery and implementation. Our professional Big Data service teams have extensive design experience and have completed more than 30 projects in the finance and public safety sectors.

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