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Ma Ye

Switch Product Executive
Campus Domain, Datacom Product Line
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Mr. Ma Ye is the switch product director of Campus Domain, Datacom Product Line, Huawei, where he plays a strategic leadership role, and is responsible for the overall management of the campus switch product.
Mr. Ma has rich experience in IP, Ethernet, Access Network and DWDM technology. Prior to his current role, Mr. Ma participated in the research and development of the whole series of NetEngine routers.
Since joining Huawei in 2001, Mr. Ma has held a number of important roles within the company. These roles include director of enterprise router, director of IP software R&D department, director of product maintenance department and director of oversea solution sales department.
Mr. Ma holds a Master’s degree of image processing and pattern recognition(IPPR) from Southeast University, China.

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