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Wi-Fi Adds Services for Germany’s Largest Stadium


Dortmund, Germany is home to the country’s largest sports club, an 80,645 seat soccer or European football stadium which hosted the 1974 and 2006 World Cups. To handle the huge crowds of fans, stadium operations management deployed Germany’s largest wireless network to improve user experiences and capitalize on new commercial opportunities provided by offering innovative new services, including the following:

Better interactive experiences with smooth communications

  • Playback of videos from the local video server
  • Visitor interaction through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Enable visitors to request information about clubs and players, view event schedules, and access real-time game statistics

Expand business opportunities

  • Reserve tickets, order snacks, and locate seats
  • Shop for merchandise and have items delivered to seats
  • Find parking spaces and amenities around the stadium

Increase advertising revenue

Increase revenue from interactive advertisements on:

  • Portal pages
  • Application pages
  • Browser pages

Mobile office capabilities

  • Mobile office services for stadium staff
  • Voice communication services for security personnel
  • Mobile communication services for event organizers


With such a big project, Huawei and the stadium operations management faced many unique challenges during development:

  • The architecture required a high-density design with plenty of bandwidth for 80,645 seats, and core node reliability for new services
  • Large numbers of users accessing the network posed considerable security risks. The stadium needed an advanced security system to reduce threats
  • The stadium needed intelligent applications to authenticate users, control network access, and provide differentiated services. The system also needed to handle fluctuating user densities and accommodate many different devices (such as tablets, mobile phones, and others)


Huawei provided an agile Wi-Fi network with comprehensive coverage throughout the stadium. It features high-density access, high reliability, security, and an eco-friendly design. The network offers several important advantages.

High-density access

The network required optimized products that were configured, commissioned, and verified to the stadium’s stringent architectural design and project requirements. The solution supports high-density access and high bandwidth based on the stadium’s physical structure and user access needs.

Huawei’s WLAN products support:

  • Cutting-edge 802.11n, 802.11ac, and Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) beamforming technologies to improve network throughput
  • Rich intelligent resource scheduling for high-density network access, including Auto Radio Frequency Tuning to lower AP signal interference, HD Boost High-Density Acceleration for better RF resource utilization, and Narrow Beamwidth Directional Antennas for precise coverage control throughout the stadium’s complex environment

In addition to high-density access and comprehensive coverage, the network’s optimized design lowers signal interference and maximizes capacity. The stadium’s complex structure posed difficulties in AP deployments and channel design.

Huawei perfectly customized deployment for the stadium. The network now provides:

  • Over 400 APs in seating areas
  • More than 700 APs elsewhere in the stadium
  • Access support for over 80,000 visitors and 24,000 service channels

Agile network

Huawei deployed high-end, wired network devices with sufficient Wi-Fi bandwidth and ensures secure, stable system operations:

  • PoE switches with 2 x GE uplinks for access bandwidth and simpler AP deployment
  • Huawei uses S9700 Series Terabit routing switches with the iStack mobile application, content service switching, and start frame delimiter technologies for service continuity and better user experiences
  • Huawei’s Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) now provides comprehensive security for the entire network and mitigates risky user behavior
  • A Policy Center authenticates users and utilizes a portal server for unified policy and security control

Intelligent network and online behavior control

All attendees and employees now can enjoy new services, such as: Surfing the Internet, stream video playback, and other customized services. The network automatically identifies users, locations, services, and devices to:

  • Give V.I.P. areas sufficient bandwidth
  • Employ service-based policy control
  • Display portals based on user location and device
  • Provide video multi-casting


Huawei’s WLAN and NGFW products, along with integrated wired and wireless technologies, provide an efficient, stable, and secure Wi-Fi network with these improvements:

  • Fans can now enjoy a variety of better services within improved user experiences
  • Advertisers can share their messages over diverse media types
  • Teams can interact with fans more easily
  • The stadium enhances operational efficiency and expands sources of revenue
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