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Usher in Success

Enable Digital Banking

Rapidly roll out secure, compliant business operations, with strict control over Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

A new Singaporean digital bank took just nine months, from security compliance and system development to opening on a cloud-native digital banking platform, requiring only 30% of traditional Information technology (IT) spending, slashing millions from costs.

Business Growth with Cloud-Native Technology

Digital technology enables agile and inclusive services, rapidly responding to new demands and needs.

With a building block-like lending platform on cloud, Siam Commercial Bank quickly rolled out digital loans to millions of clients in three months, acquiring 45,000 new customers along the way. It disbursed microfinance services worth THB200 million — around USD 5.5 million — all while keeping the overdue rate below 1%.

Core Values of the Huawei Digital Banking Solution

  • Agile and Innovative

    Cloud-native container capability.

    Ultra-large scale financial grade database.

    End to End (E2E) software development for DevOps.

  • FSI Cloudification Know-How

    Dedicated digital financial solution experts.

    Global implementation showcase.

    Industry-leading partners, certified by Huawei.

  • Reliable, Resilient, and Flexible

    Compliant, financial-level active-active architecture.

    Multi-cloud/node low-latency infrastructure.

    Full stack protection, with over 20 security components.

Overall Solution Architecture

  • Integration and Applicability

    The Huawei Cloud native architecture platform is applicable to all deployment environments, providing a complete solution for digital banking innovation.

  • Compliance and Flexibility

    The solution accommodates banks' complex compliance and operational security needs, with several key advantages: agility, high availability, high performance, loose coupling, and low costs.

  • Experience and Openness

    Microservices and DevOps help banks launch open digital services at speed. Combined with cloud-native data intelligence, this delivers a hyper-personalized experience to end-users.

Core Application Joint Solutions

  • s 1

    Cloud Native Digital Banking

    Temenos and Huawei have combined to Go-To-Market (GTM) with state-of-the-art financial services in the cloud, promoting scalability, operational efficiency, accelerated Time-To-Market (TTM), and innovation.
  • solutions 2

    Digital Loan Services

    Sunline and Huawei have launched a cloud native digital loan solution. The solution adopts an enterprise-level microservices Exchange Delivery Settlement Price (EDSP) framework to deliver a unique experience, new capabilities, improved speeds, and a robust foundation.
  • solutions 3

    Payment and Microfinance

    Huawei and MuRong launched the Microfinance Joint Solution, catering to the need for innovation in inclusive finance. The solution makes such inclusion possible, meeting the opportunities to hand and overcoming all challenges.

Digital Banking Technical Platform Services

  • c 1

    Foster Agile Development

    Full-lifecycle DevSecOps makes application-based service development simpler and more efficient, all while improving quality.

  • c 2

    Unleash the Potential of Data

    One-stop data operations simplify innovation and build intelligent knowledge libraries, driving personalized services.

  • c 3

    Compliance Made Easy

    A compliance assessment and governance platform helps technology better comply with regulations and industry standards.

  • chanpin1

    Supercharge O&M Efficiency

    Effectively manage cloud hardware, software, services, and networks.

    Integrate, structure, visualize, and analyze log data to derive real insights for Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

    Monitor and manage real-time application performance.

  • chanpin2

    Business Continuity

    Implement live migration without interrupting any services, with real-time synchronization ensuring data consistency.

    Migrate homogeneous and heterogeneous data between on-premises and cloud-based services.

    Safeguard services with the ability to restore resources to any point when data was backed up.

  • chanpin3

    Performance and Reliability

    A fully hosted Kubernetes service is available to build, run, and scale containerized applications.

    Millions of Query Per Second (QPS) throughputs and cross-Availability Zone (AZ) deployment, providing performance and reliability combined with the flexibility of open source technology.