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    Becoming Smarter together, let's embrace the digital and smart future of the manufacturing industry.


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Reimagine the Industry

As manufacturing becomes ever more deeply integrated with Information technology (IT), the industry is transforming. Indeed, manufacturing enterprises now fully recognize the value of digital technology as the driving force of innovation.

Huawei solutions for digital manufacturing use advanced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) — including 5G, cloud computing, big data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) — to help manufacturers digitally transform and build up smart Research and Development (R&D), production, and supply platforms. This is what is fundamentally reshaping — indeed reimagining — the industry.

Solutions That Meet Your Needs

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R&D and Innovation

Digital technologies are integrated with R&D to protect core knowledge assets. These solutions facilitate collaboration among R&D teams and enable more efficient engineering design, simulation, and verification. All this helps enterprises like your accelerate innovation, in turn enhancing competitiveness.

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Production and Supply

Core production and supply solutions help manufacturers comprehensively manage critical factors, from planning and logistics to quality control and equipment. This allows manufacturers to consolidate their digital foundation, improve management efficiency, and build up core competitiveness.

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