3 Ways Huawei Is Unleashing the Value of Digital for Finance


Sustainable and trusted financial infrastructure, intelligent applications and data architecture, and innovation are the key to unlocking the future digital productivity of finance. How can the finance industry adopt these concepts and stay ahead of the competition?

Huawei focuses on three strategies to help the financial services industry capitalize on the advantages of digitalization. We deliver robust infrastructure, streamline architecture transformation, and support business innovation to address industry challenges, build scenario-based solutions, and create value for customers.

Robust Infrastructure

Digital infrastructure serves as an important foundation for financial services. This includes technologies like storage, networks, cloud, and databases, on which digital finance applications run and deliver high-quality end user services.

Huawei is always working on ways to upgrade these technologies to create a more robust digital foundation. We also try to improve how multiple domains and technologies collaborate across our product portfolios, making systems better integrated and more streamlined.

Architecture Transformation

Upon a robust infrastructure, Huawei builds a transformed architecture that is distributed, intelligent, and open. Such architecture enables a better user experience, higher agility, and more data-driven decision-making.

Huawei Digital CORE 2.0 is a solution specifically designed to transform core banking systems, making them distributed and agile.

The solution uses a trusted ICT infrastructure and distributed cloud-native technical platforms that deliver strong consistency. It is designed based on Huawei's in-depth experience in helping banks go digital, so it ensures smooth switchover and stable operations.

Huawei works directly with customers in the financial services industry to customize solutions that fit their specific needs and support ongoing innovation. We use a metadata multi-tenant development platform and a SaaS agile development solution to optimize the solution architecture. In the end, customers gain built-in digital capabilities and building-block services that they can invoke in response to changes in their business strategies.

Huawei also integrates cloud, data, intelligence, and computing. The result is a more intelligent architecture that enables data-driven decision-making and operations.

Together with industry partners, Huawei explores a range of scenarios in marketing, risk control, and operations to reshape data intelligence. We look for seamless collaboration between software, hardware, and computing power. Plus, our architectures integrate data lakes, data warehouses, and AI, improving performance. As a result, customers access superior services, including architecture planning, one-stop data migration, and integration design.

Huawei's financial data intelligence solution offers a range of key features, which have been verified by our banking customers.

• Our integrated data-AI platform has helped ICBC build a hyper-scale data lakehouse; now, ad-hoc queries take just 30 seconds instead of 800.

• Using two production lines for data and AI, Guangdong Rural Credit Union was able to roll out AI models in half the regular time.

• Weihai City Commercial Bank used our typical scenario-based applications to integrate data for marketing, risk control, and operations, significantly improving key KPIs.

Building on what we have already achieved, Huawei will continue to work with partners to enrich data and AI scenarios. Through this, we hope to help financial institutions build an enterprise-level data platform that is easy to deploy and use, unleashing the full potential of data.

Business Innovation

Strong digital infrastructure and architecture combine with an integrated ecosystem of partners enabling innovation in the finance sector. Leveraging these, Huawei assures system trustworthiness at all levels and develops new, scenario-specific solutions.

Financial institutions are looking to design fully connected, intelligent, and scenario-based capabilities. To this end, Huawei assures resilient, reliable, green, and intelligent solutions that are tailor-made to support industry innovation. This enables a smarter infrastructure, intelligent services engines, contextual digital engagement, and eventually, a range of innovative business models that benefit both the customer and the end user.

Stable growth relies on innovation and solid foundations. Huawei unleashes the power of digital by starting with a robust infrastructure and intelligent architecture, expanding the impact of digitalization through innovative, scenario-based solutions. In collaboration with customers and partners, we deliver digital productivity, supporting the digital growth of the finance industry.

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