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Key Features

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Centralized management

Management of multiple device types
Integrated device management
On-demand deployment of a centralized platform

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Visualized monitoring

Multi-dimensional monitoring
Scenario-based monitoring
E2E fault monitoring

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Intelligent analysis

Report customization
Self-service data analysis
O&M experience and prese s common reports

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Enterprise Network Management

Enterprise Network Management

Network device management implements unified network resource management, wired and wireless convergence management, network traffic management, and network quality monitoring.

IT Management

IT Management

Provides unified management of storage devices, servers, VMs, operating systems, databases, and web applications, and implements status monitoring, capacity query, and performance visualization of IT resources.

Communications and Video Conferencing

Unified Communications & Video Surveillance Management

Video devices are managed in a unified manner, enabling O&M personnel to monitor video indicators and device information in a visualized manner, improving O&M efficiency.

GPON and eLTE Access Management

eSight PON Management

Supports real-time monitoring of each node on a network-wide PON network and automatic ONUORE service configuration, improving O&M efficiency and reducing OPEX.

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