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Enterprise Microwave

Microwave network construction is fast and free of terrain restrictions, requiring zero cabling and inspection. Microwave networks feature large bandwidth, low latency, and high security and reliability. Microwave provides transmission for more than 60% of the world's wireless base stations, as well as efficient and reliable wireless ultra-wideband transmission for government and enterprise customers' production and office private lines, campus interconnection, video collection sites, and emergency base stations. On top of this, it also supports radar sensing.

Huawei's enterprise microwave solutions include microwave transmission and radar sensing, the first of which is based on Huawei's leading 5G wireless technologies. Microwave transmission solutions consist of products working at unlicensed spectrum (sub-6 GHz), common frequency bands (6–38 GHz), and high-frequency mmWave band (E-band). They support a transmission rate of 20 Gbps per site, ultra-low latency of 50 µs, simplified modular architecture, and intelligent cloud-based network management platform. The radar sensing solution is based on Huawei's innovative long-distance high-precision sensing technology. It supports a deployment spacing of 1,000 m, a sensing precision of 95%, and 24/7 operation for smart transportation.

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Microwave transmission

Huawei provides multiple microwave transmission solutions, such as base station backhaul, backbone/enterprise private line, video upload, and AirFlash train-to-ground dump, which are designed for large-bandwidth, low-latency, and multi-scenario transmission on industry private networks. These solutions support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multi-band networking, helping customers from the government, radio and television, campus, energy, and transportation sectors build flexible, secure, and reliable transmission networks.

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Radar sensing

Huawei's radar sensing solution is designed to support 24/7, high-precision, and long-distance sensing for smart transportation. It consists of products such as long-distance mmWave radar and high-precision sensing engine, which are based on technologies such as MIMO, radar- and video-based trajectory generation, and automatic calibration. This solution helps customers build sensing networks that are easy to deploy and capable of lane-level detection and can be deployed at 1,000 m intervals.

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