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Collaborative R&D Cloud Solution

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) have wide applications within the manufacturing industry. The strategic priority for customers in the manufacturing industry is business growth. To achieve this, customers utilize global Research and Development (R&D) to improve products.

Huawei supports the digital transformation of customers in the manufacturing industry by providing a Collaborative R&D Cloud Solution, an agile development cloud based on DevOps, and an integrated Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

• The Collaborative R&D Cloud improves the R&D efficiency of products, shortens the R&D cycle, and cuts costs.

• DevCloud implements DevOps to enable customers to take the self-service approach and implement agile development, thereby adapting to the rapidly changing mobility service market.

• The industry-leading IoT solution integrates IoT platforms to IoT networks, provides edge computing, simplifies IoT terminal management, and more. This enables customers to focus on mobility business development and mobility services.

Key Values:

• The unified workspace simplifies system and application operations by providing auto-configuring templates that improve the efficiency of IT processes by 30%.

• Huawei's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) operates at the same performance level as a high-end graphic workstation, which means the user can deploy and manage desktop batches from a cloud data center. The VDI and simulation cluster are interconnected by high-speed networks and simulation results no longer need to be transferred. Through Huawei's VDI, every R&D process is linked, and the user can conduct instant analysis and optimization.

• Cross-region collaboration enables engineers from different R&D centers to share and work under the same desktop session. Design efficiency is improved through each region having the same 3D high performance level.

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