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    DME IQ Intelligent Cloud O&M Platform

    Enhancing O&M with big data analytics and AI.


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DME IQ Intelligent Cloud O&M Platform

DME IQ Intelligent Cloud O&M Platform,Combining big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Huawei DME IQ provides data infrastructure — such as Huawei servers and storage devices — with automatic fault reporting, and problem management and tracking.

Smart Brain


• Over 80% of disk failure risks are identified 14 days in advance with AI and big data analytics on the cloud.
• A fault model library containing more than 200,000 devices provides troubleshooting for 93% of faults and accelerates fault location.
• Intelligent capacity prediction: capacity consumption is forecasted 12 months in advance.

Low Latency, No Loss


• 24/7 proactive monitoring and online O&M with fault detection in minutes; risks and failures are reported automatically.
• Monitoring of devices over mobile phone, for system risk prevention and real-time troubleshooting, anytime, anywhere.
• Automatic creation of trouble tickets on the cloud for transparent tracking of problem management.

Continuous Security


• DME IQ does not collect customer service data; all operations can be traced, and all logs can be audited.
• Featuring bidirectional authentication (DME IQ client and Huawei cloud), unidirectional access, and encryption during transmission.
• 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm ensures 99.9999% availability and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.


Item Feature Specifications
Centralized O&M Storage model Mainstream Huawei storage models
Server model Mainstream Huawei server models
Device management scale Single-client: storage ≤ 256 sets; servers ≤ 5000
Multi-client: storage ≤ 256 x N (clients) [max. 5000 storage devices]
Emergency contacts: 5 (at least one must be a security administrator)
Access channel Internet/Email
Network bandwidth ≥ 10 Mbit/s
Health Assessment Device health assessment Real-time evaluation and scoring of system, hardware, configuration, capacity, and performance health
Alarm monitoring 24/7 remote alarm monitoring and automatic trouble tickets creation
Intelligent Analytics Performance analytics E2E performance analytics and topology
Performance fault diagnosis Troubleshooting suggestions for performance faults with real-time latency detection
Performance fluctuation analytics Automatic analytics of historical performance and identification of service change rules
Performance bottleneck analytics Trend history: 1 month
Trend prediction: 2 months
Automatic troubleshooting suggestions for performance bottlenecks
Intelligent Prediction Capacity prediction Capacity consumption predictions: 12 months
Advance warnings for overloaded resources
Capacity planning
Disk failure prediction Disk risk prediction
Detection of faulty disks 14 days in advance
Compatibility Browser Chrome

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