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    Xinghe Intelligent SASE Solution

    Intelligent Network-Security Convergence Branch Security Solution, Safeguarding Digital Transformation


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Xinghe Intelligent SASE Solution

Cloud-based service migration and hybrid office pose great challenges to enterprise branch network security and frequent cyber security incidents. Huawei Xinghe Intelligent SASE Solution is dedicated to providing all-round security assurance for branch enterprises. Relying on the innovative "cloud-network-edge-device" integrated architecture: On the cloud side, Huawei Qiankun security analysis platform uses 8000+ inference rules and security AI models to handle threats in seconds. On the network side, Huawei uses the exclusive EVPN dynamic tunnel establishment technology to implement large-scale flexible networking of 16 HUB. Smooth service experience can be ensured even when the packet loss rate is 30%. On the side, Huawei SASE security gateway has four built-in AI security engines and AI behavior analysis algorithms, with a threat detection rate of over 99.9%. On the device side, Huawei HiSec Endpoint EDR uses the industry's first threat source tracing engine to accurately detect ransomware viruses on devices.

60% of Enterprises Use Cloud Services

New technologies, such as cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT), are becoming mature, accelerating the cloudification of enterprise services. 60% of enterprises use cloudservices. They access applications on the cloud through the Internet. Service cloudification increases security risks, making it hard to guarantee enterprise services.

Urgent Need of Upgrading Branch Security Capabilities

Enterprises are shifting from HQ DC-based centralized access towards local breakouts (branchesdirectly access services on the cloud), making branches exposed to the Internet. This intensifiessecurity risks.

Intensified Global Network Threats

49% of enterprises suffered data breaches in the past two years.Network security events can cause unexpected suspension ofkey services, resulting in an average loss of US$200,000 per hour.


Superb Environmental Adaption

Second-level threat handling

8k+ inference rules, network-security collaboration, second-level threat handling

Ultra-large networking

Exclusive dynamic tunnel establishment, 30+ patents, large-scale networking of 16 hubs

Threat Detection

Leading detection performance

4 Huawei-developed dedicated security engines, > 96% threat detection rate


Precise ransomware prevention

Innovative behavior analysis and detection algorithm, 100% ransomware prevention @ endpoints


HiSec SASE Solution Architecture


HiSecEngine USG6600F

HiSecEngine USG6600F Series AI Firewalls

AI firewalls designed for next generation data centers, providing IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack capabilities that greatly improve service performance and adopting intelligent technologies to effectively defend against advanced threats.

usg6500f dl

HiSecEngine USG6500F-DL Series All-in-One Intelligent Security Gateway

The gateways integrate routing, switching, and security protection capabilities, and also support LTE and PoE to simplify networking, reducing CAPEX by 30%. With the built-in Adaptive Security Engine (ASE) and on-demand loading of software packages, including enhanced DDoS mitigation and cryptojacking prevention, security capabilities can be flexibly orchestrated and loaded on demand, leading branch security into the era of simplicity.

A Huawei iMaster NCE-Campus against a white background.

iMaster NCE-Campus

An intelligent network automation platform that integrates management, control, analysis, and AI functions, providing full-lifecycle automation of campus networks, while implementing intelligent fault closure through big data analytics and AI.


SecoManager Security Controller

Security service orchestration, unified policy management, and high-performance log management for data centers, campus networks, and branch networks. SecoManager collaborates with network devices, security devices, and a big data-based intelligent analytics system — HiSec Insight — to establish a network-wide security defense system that is capable of detecting, analyzing, and handling threats.