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    Huawei Remote Medical Solution

    Converged 4K video and surveillance for real-time, cross-department collaboration.


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What is the remote medical solution?

Huawei’s multi-scenario converged remote medical solution runs on 4K and 5G technologies to support epidemic prevention and control in the healthcare industry. During epidemics, it implements remote commands, consultation, monitoring, and medical teaching, as well as digital ward visits via teleconference.
The solution provides multi-scenario collaboration (including epidemic prevention and control), real-time interactive remote consultation, and medical teaching, and is available across various access scenarios, such as meeting rooms and working areas. The solution delivers a 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) experience — allowing personnel to make safer, more informed measures to tackle problems during an epidemic as soon as possible.




HD Video

4K UHD Video

• End-to-end 4K UHD for 48:9 ultra-wide panoramic view during consultation.
• Based on ITU-R BT.2020 standards, the 4K UHD video restores the real surgery, and helps doctors get accurate information from videos.

Large Buffers

Epidemic Prevention Collaboration

• Convergent videos are pushed to the video wall to monitor the overall situation.
• Cross-department collaboration for efficient prevention, control, decision-making, and command.
• Multi-level collaboration for direct command to terminals.

data application services

Real-Time Interaction for Medical Teaching

• Interactive seminar and teaching.
• Real-time control for recording, and generation of teaching resources at any time.