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SmartAX MA5600T Series OLTs

Carrier-grade Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) Optical Line Terminals for large-scale aggregation and access networking.

SmartAX MA5600T Series OLTs combine high-performance aggregation and switching capabilities, providing 3.2 Tbit/s backplane capacity, 960 Gbit/s switching capacity, 512K MAC addresses, and a maximum of 44-channel 10 GE or 768 GE access ports.

Lowers Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs with software versions for all three models that are fully compatible with service boards; reduces the need to stock quantities of spare parts.

Resilient, high-capacity SmartAX MA5600T Series OLT platforms for flexible optical networking, simplified O&M, and easy transition to ultra-high-bandwidth access

  • High reliability: OLT two-node cluster hot backup, remote Disaster Recovery (DR), hitless upgrade, Quality Of Service (QoS), and end-to-end (E2E) high reliability design
  • Multiple methods of access: Includes E1 private line access, native TDM (CESoP/SAToP), E-LAN, and non-convergence IPTV user access
  • Simple evolution: GPON, 10G PON, and 40G PON share a single platform, enabling smooth evolution and supporting ultra-bandwidth access and IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient design; idle boards are automatically powered off, intelligent fan speed feature further reduces power consumption of idle boards







Dimensions (H x W x D)

490 mm x 275.8 mm x 447.2 mm

442 mm x 275.8 mm x 441.7 mm

442 mm x 283.2 mm x 263.9 mm

442 mm x 244.5 mm x 88.1 mm

Operating Environment

–25°C to 55°C
5% RH to 95% RH

–40°C to 65°C
5% RH to 95% RH

–40°C to 65°C
5% RH to 95% RH

Power Supply

Dual-power supply protection
Operating voltage range of –38.4V to –72V

Dual-power supply protection
DC power supply: -38.4V to -72V
AC power supply: 100V to 240V

Switching Capacity — Backplane Bus

3.2 Tbit/s

1.5 Tbit/s (H801MABO)
2 Tbit/s (H802MABO)

720 Gbit/s

Access Capacity

  • 1,024 x ADSL2+
  • 1,024 x VDSL2
  • 512 x EFM SHDSL
  • 256 x TDM SHDSL
  • 1,024 x POTS
  • 512 x ISDN BRA
  • 64 x ISDN PRA
  • 128 x 10G GPON
  • 256 x GPON
  • 768 x P2P FE
  • 768 x P2P GE
  • 896 x ADSL2+
  • 896 x VDSL2
  • 448 x EFM SHDSL
  • 224 x TDM SHDSL
  • 896 x POTS
  • 448 x ISDN BRA
  • 56 x ISDN PRA
  • 112 x 10G GPON
  • 224 x GPON
  • 672 x P2P FE
  • 672 x P2P GE
  • 384 x ADSL2+
  • 384 x VDSL2
  • 192 x EFM SHDSL
  • 96 x TDM SHDSL
  • 384 x POTS
  • 192 x ISDN BRA
  • 64 x ISDN PRA
  • 96 x 10G GPON
  • 48 x GPON
  • 288 x P2P FE
  • 288 x P2P GE
  • 16 x 10G GPON
  • 48 x GPON
  • 96 x P2P FE
  • 96 x P2P GE

Port Types

Upstream ports: 10 GE optical and GE optical/electrical ports
Service ports: 10G GPON optical port, GPON optical port, P2P FE optical port, P2P GE optical port, and Ethernet optical port, ADSL2+ port, VDSL2 port, SHDSL port, POTS port, and ISDN port

System Performance

  • Layer 2/Layer 3 line-rate forwarding
  • Static route, RIP, OSPF, and MPLS
  • Clock synchronization schemes: BITS, E1, STM-1, Ethernet clock synchronization, 1588v2, and 1PPS + ToD
  • GPON maximum split ratio of 1:128
  • 10G PON maximum split ratio of 1:256
  • GPON maximum logical distance between devices: 60 km
  • XG PON maximum logical distance between devices: 100 km


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