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Huawei Launched F5G All-Optical Solutions to Enable Smart Airports Evolution

Nov 22, 2023

[Muscat, Oman, November 22, 2023] From November 20 to 22, Huawei launched a series of new solutions for smart airports evolution at the 1st Airports Innovate event held by Airports Council International (ACI) in Muscat, Oman. The solutions include the Fully Connected Fiber Network and Perimeter Security with Fiber Sensing.

Lei Xinghua, Vice President of Huawei's Enterprise Optical Network Domain

Lei Xinghua, Vice President of Huawei's Enterprise Optical Network Domain

As the important transportation hubs in cities and regions, airports make significant contributions to regional economic growth. To cope with the trend of digitalization and intelligence of airports, Lei Xinghua, Vice President of Huawei's Enterprise Optical Network Domain, delivered a keynote speech titled "F5G All Optical Solutions Enable Smart Airports" on how to build a fully-connected smart airport with easy scalability, simple architecture, ultimate experience, and ultra-green.

Lei Xinghua said, "The airport industry has gone smart. Future smart airports have posed higher requirements on full connectivity in all zones. For scenarios such as data center interconnect (DCI), terminal buildings, internet of everything (IoE) in airfields and airport perimeters, Huawei fully leverages the technical advantages of the F5G solutions (the fifth-generation fixed network), such as high bandwidth, high reliability, massive connections, green agile optical network, real time resilient link and optical sensing to launch the fully-connected fiber network and perimeter security with fiber sensing solutions to enable smart airport evolution and improve the operational efficiency as well as the travel experience for visitors."

By introducing OTN DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) and POL (passive optical LAN) technologies into fully-connected fiber networks for smart airports and applying the innovative fiber sensing algorithms to airport perimeter security, Huawei proposed three scenario-based solutions for smart airport evolution:

Airport IP+DWDM backbone network solution: As the interconnections for core nodes, such as ITC (operation control center), data center, terminals, cargo area, and transportation center, the backbone network is often up against the physical isolation of multiple service systems, increasing north-south traffic, insufficient fiber resources and complex O&M. By deploying OTN DWDM technology, we can achieve physical isolation among multi service systems, ultra-high capacity up to 96 Tbit/s per fiber, supporting traffic growth in the next 10 to 15 years. In addition, this solution can support real-time intelligent fiber detection and provide the early warning for fiber abnormal status and the accurate fault location (meter-level). All this helps ensure highly-reliable data transmission, investment saving and O&M efficiency improvement.

Airport IP+POL access network solution:As the scale and distribution area of airport access networks continue to increase, traditional Ethernet networks face great challenges in reliability, energy consumption and O&M. For airport terminals and airfields, Huawei IP+POL point-to-multipoint passive optical network solution offers secure & reliable multi-service integrated access for various information terminals and simplifies the network architecture & cabling to reduce power consumption by 50%, reduce cables by 90% and support long-term smooth expansion for the future.

Airport perimeter inspection solution: Security plays a fundamental role in airport operations. Traditional perimeter inspection solutions have a generally high false positive rate, which falls far short of airports' requirements. By using distributed optical fiber sensing and AI-enhanced algorithm, the innovative airport perimeter inspection solution can achieve zero false negatives, reduce the false positive rate by upwards of 90%, and enable meter-level accurate locating of intrusion events.

Sincerely hope that customers and partners from all over the world to work together to promote the application of F5G Fully Connected fiber Network in the civil aviation field and facilitate the digital & intelligent transformation of airports worldwide, enabling high-quality development of smart airports.

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