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The Arts of Digital Banking - Remodeling FOCUS

Analyze the driving forces and challenges of bank transformation under the digital trend; Describe Huawei's insights into key areas of bank digitalization and the recommended methods for remodeling the digital capability model.


"5G + Wi-Fi + IoT" Convergence, Opening Up a New Blue Ocean for Enterprise Wireless

The "5G + Wi-Fi + IoT" converged campus network solution brings new value to more industries and extend from office campuses to production campuses. The full potential of this hyper-converged campus network solution will be seen especially in healthcare, large enterprise, manufacturing, port, warehousing, and other scenarios, where it will accelerate industry digital transformation and maximize enterprise digital productivity.

biggest gap list

Filling Genomics' Biggest Gap

Huawei's High-Performance Data Analytics Solution helped to shorten the hospital’s genome sequencing analysis time from 24 hours to just seven minutes.

Native Hard Pipe list

Native Hard Pipe: Building a Reliable All-Optical Foundation for Industrial Digital Transformation

Huawei expects the NHP-enabled optical network to become a reliable foundation for building a fully connected, intelligent, and green world.

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Technological Innovation, a Resistance Tool in the Event of the Digital World Being Blackmailed

Yun-qing Ren


Security is a matter of great concern for humanity. This includes personal security, which enables us to live and work in peace, and data security, which ensures the smooth running of the digital economy. However, the persistent emergence of ransomware incidents poses a threat to the development of all industries.

#Data storage
Gartner SD WAN List
Always Putting the Customer Experience First, Huawei Recognized as Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for SD-WAN for Fourth Time in a Row

Huang Yonghua


Huawei was recognized as Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for SD-WAN in the 2023 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice report for SD-WAN after receiving positive comments from multiple financial customers. This is the fourth time in a row that Huawei has received this accolade, and is a testament to the high recognition of Huawei SD-WAN by financial customers.

Technology Prospect of New-type Storage-compute Decoupled Architecture

Shu Jiwu


Traditional data center architecture that integrates storage and computing presents a number of challenges, but storage-compute decoupling offers an effective way out.

#Data storage
Is the Diskless Architecture the Most Preferred for the Cloud and Internet Industries?

Andy Xu


Given the challenges posed by the explosive growth of mass data, will diskless architecture be the preferred option for cloud and Internet data centers in the multi-cloud era?

#Data storage
banner bequoted
Huawei FTTM Solution Helps Enterprises Build Highly Reliable All-Optical Connections

Cao Zhengmin


Currently, industrial intelligence is developing at an ever-increasing rate. Industrial enterprises need robust information infrastructure in order to deeply integrate innovative ICT and production service flows. Huawei's highly reliable FTTM solution — based on the fifth-generation fixed network (F5G) — injects new impetus into this field.

Speeding Up Energy Transition for a Greener Future

Darmawan Prasodjo


During COVID-19, the state-owned provider of electric power throughout Indonesia, PLN, posted its best financial results in its history and reduced debt by $4 billion. Mr. Darmawan Prasodjo, CEO of PLN, explained how they achieved it.

Business-level AIOps Solution for Financial Services

Wizard He


Netis offers a comprehensive Business-level AIOps Solution for financial services, providing seamless performance analysis across cloud environments

#Intelligent Finance
CaixaBank's Path to Innovation

Eva Fernández


CaixaBank, the leading retail bancassurance franchise in Iberia, focuses on collaborative innovation, maintaining tech leadership, and maximizing impact.

#Intelligent Finance
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