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Traditional enterprise networks are being challenged by the rapid growth of new services that require equally rapid provisioning. Huawei integrates the best practices of global projects to provide a component-based network design and implementation service that leverages The Open Group Architecture Framework Architecture Development Method (TOGAF ADM). Huawei also helps enterprises improve their network development capabilities, enhance service awareness, and reduce the complexity of network O&M.

Builds an industry-leading network architecture

  • Cutting-edge architecture

  • Smooth migration

  • Efficient deployment

IP Network Planning and Design Service

Huawei’s IP network planning and design service meets enterprise customers’ requirements for building different layers of IP networks. The service, including but not limited to, planning and design of data center networks, campus networks, and wide-area branch office networks, is applicable to new network construction, migration, and capacity expansion scenarios. Huawei’s experts, with experience in more than 50 domains, multi-vendor background, and capabilities for unified planning and design of agile campuses, cloud data centers, and smart WAN, can provide the most feasible advanced planning and design solutions. Leveraging Huawei’s best practices in offering industry-leading network architecture around the world, the IP network planning and design service supports evolvable and quantitative benchmarking. In so doing, the service accommodates service growth for five to ten years and helps enterprises improve their network development capabilities, enhance service awareness, and reduce the complexity of network O&M.

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IP Solution Implementation Service

Customers accommodate rapid service growth by upgrading or restructuring legacy networks. Guaranteeing network standardization and smooth service migration during network implementation are key challenges. Based on customized tools, expert support, and comprehensive multi-product remote labs, Huawei’s IP solution implementation service ensures smooth and secure migration of services and data over IP networks, and minimizes implementation risks through verification and tests. Throughout full-process delivery of the implementation service tailored to six scenarios, more than 30 deliverables clearly present customers with the delivery processes, technical management details, delivery requirements, and delivery risks. Huawei provides customized implementation solutions based on in-depth analysis of service requirements by leveraging tools and the experience of our delivery experts, achieving standardization of target networks and ensuring smooth migration of services.

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Optical Network Planning and Design Service

Improper advance planning and design will severely lower the quality and efficiency of operations for the whole optical network. According to the customized requirements enterprises have for optical network quality, service configurations, and network O&M, Huawei’s optical network planning and design service provides design schemes adapted to actual network environments. The dedicated MDS6600 planning software plans, simulates, and emulates networks using actual NE software to guarantee the output of high-quality network designs. From a network-wide perspective, network issues such as resource usage, security, and circuit availability are considered to ensure that all preset requirements can be met in complex structure scenarios, maximizing the high reliability advantage of optical networks. Using planning and simulation tools and Huawei-developed algorithms, the service provides detailed designs for network architecture, services, and maintenance, achieving highly efficient operations for optical networks.

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Optical Network Solution Implementation Service

Long deployment periods, high costs, and high risk of cutover are challenges faced when constructing optical networks. Huawei has a wealth of experience in constructing optical networks, deploying the most optical networks worldwide year after year. Huawei’s optical network solution implementation service provides network information collection and analysis, network design, network integration implementation, service and data migration, and service verification and acceptance to satisfy customers’ requirements for optical network migration and expansion for secure and smooth upgrade of customer networks to target networks. Huawei provides professional tools to ensure the progress of network migration and expansion with the help of our rich implementation experience, so that new networks can be quickly put into use and service provisioning can be accelerated. In addition, we use a flawless delivery platform, outstanding expert teams, and professional support tools to achieve automatic deployment, one-click commissioning, and solution verification through simulation, meeting requirements for fast network deployment and smooth service migration.

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Network Security Design Service

With the rapid development of the Internet and the increasing openness of networks, handling security issues has already become one of the biggest challenges for customers’ networks. Security risks exist everywhere. From the physical layer to the application layer, networks are under intrusion and information leakage threats. Huawei leverages its industry-leading, continuously updated signature database and six management and control technologies to provide designs for access security, transmission security, data security, access behavior control, and audit compliance. Based on customers’ business and network security protection requirements, a network is properly divided into several security domains. Various types of security devices are selected to be deployed at different layers. The devices are systematically combined to provide coordinated protection and analyze security risks in the transmission of data flows. In combination with the security devices, appropriate VPN technologies are designed and selected to meet the requirements on secure data transmission. In this way, the network security design service brings security functions into full play, protecting customers’ networks and services while comprehensively improving network security and reliability.

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WLAN Planning and Design Service

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is already a focal point in the construction of enterprise networks. High-quality planning is essential for the construction of a high-quality WLAN. Huawei provides a series of design services based on a six-dimensional design model that covers capacity, bandwidth, deployment, channel, coverage, and optimization. The WLAN designs meet specific requirements of high-density stadiums, wireless cities, video backhaul, railways, and campuses, helping customers build top-quality networks. Huawei has more than 50 senior WLAN design experts who have participated in successful delivery of more than 500 projects. Along with other team members, they have accumulated typical planning and design templates and built a model library. They also adopt WLAN Planner, a professional planning emulation tool, to simulate actual building structures and visualize obstacles to network coverage, which helps increase coverage accuracy and reduce the risk of coverage holes. With these efforts, the service helps customers improve planning efficiency, optimize design processes, and lower deployment costs.

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SDN Network Planning and Design Service

As cloud computing and Big Data technologies are put into use, traditional networks are unable to meet requirements for quick provisioning and flexible adjustment of services. Huawei’s SDN network planning and design service is focused on data centers, campus networks, and WANs. Huawei has been working in the SDN field for many years, laying a solid technical foundation and now playing a leading role in a number of international standards organizations. Our advanced technologies, extensive project experience, and expertise of senior experts contribute to the high quality and reliability of the SDN network designs. The service relies on the IP Crystal emulation and planning tool, strategy optimization tool, DCN planning and design tool, and the SDN Open Lab. Huawei designs next-generation SDN networks for enterprises through service requirement analysis, architecture assessment, solution evolution assessment, live network analysis and assessment, target network design, migration planning and design, and design verification.

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SDN Network Implementation Service

With the ultimate goal of meeting enterprise service requirements and the focus on the evolution of data center networks, campus networks, and WANs, Huawei provides SDN network implementation services based on multiple joint innovation projects and industry best practices. Huawei has conducted research on SDN solutions for years to develop solutions tailored to customers’ actual requirements. Leveraging multi-vendor verification platforms and professional support teams, we verify solutions involving multiple vendors and all scenarios. With our integrated deployment, integration verification, and migration and transfer services, the smooth migration of customers’ networks and services is guaranteed and customers’ return on investment is maximized.

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