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The reliability of energy systems is one of the biggest challenges related to big data, with over half of all network system faults caused by problems related to energy systems. Therefore, improving the stability of network energy systems has become a primary concern. Huawei is in an excellent position to provide professional end-to-end services, thanks to its robust global technical support team, R&D team, and huge experience in successful energy system implementation across the globe. The services that Huawei can provide include the modular data center implementation service, UPS cutover solution implementation service, and equipment room evaluation service. These services help you overcome problems during the construction, operation, and reconstruction of network energy systems, and provide you with reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective professional assurance for the operation of your network.

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Modular Data Center Implementation Service

The modular data center seamlessly integrates the cabinet system, power supply and distribution system, cooling system, equipment room management system, surge protection and grounding system, and integrated cabling system. This integration provides fundamental physical environment support, so that data centers can run securely and reliably. The modular data center implementation service ensures that data centers can quickly be put into use and work efficiently.
With years of experience in the data center field, comprehensive solutions, numerous product series, and professional technicians and organizations, Huawei can provide all-purpose and professional modular data center implementation services for enterprises.

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UPS Cutover Solution Implementation Service

UPS cutover refers to cutting over the entirety of an old backup UPS and expanding the system capacity for enterprise data centers, switching centers, and telecom equipment that is currently in use. UPS cutover involves reconstructing, upgrading, relocating, replacing, or expanding the capacity of the UPS system that is currently in use. Huawei is an experienced provider of UPS solutions, with excellent technical capabilities, and an expert UPS solution implementation team. With the tools at its disposal, Huawei can expertly guide enterprises through the end-to-end cutover implementation service, thereby creating benefits.
This service is focused on project management, environment inspection, hardware installation, equipment commissioning, site training, and system acceptance.

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Equipment Room Evaluation Service

The equipment room evaluation service refers to the detection and evaluation of the health and appropriateness of the power supply and distribution system, air conditioning system, surge protection and grounding system, equipment room environment system, security and protection system, and equipment room. As a design project, the service evaluates an operational data center or the reconstruction of a data center with hardware detection tools and CFD software. This reconstruction is done according to the equipment room design and operating requirements, as well as taking into account the necessary information system standards and regulations. This service helps you understand the operating status of your entire data center and the health of the energy equipment. This is ideal for identifying risks, eliminating potential risks, and optimizing operations.
Huawei is an experienced provider of equipment room evaluation services, with excellent technical capabilities, and an expert equipment room evaluation team. Professional knowledge and methods, along with dedicated tools, make Huawei ideal to help enterprises evaluate the operating status of the electrical, thermal management, and energy storage systems of equipment rooms. In addition, expert hardware evaluation reports and visible CFD simulation test reports are generated automatically after evaluation is complete.

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