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A huge growth in the amount of data traffic recently has contributed to the expansion of data centers. In the future, data centers will be the ICT industry’s source of content as well as its control center. Since 2002, Huawei has been focusing on data centers and has built over 800 all over the world some 400 of which are cloud data centers. Huawei offers end-to-end solutions for data center services, covering planning, design, integration implementation, business migration, and O&M services. With a thorough understanding of industry trends and requirements for equipment rooms, Huawei streamlines the planning of applications, IT, and equipment rooms, helping companies build agile, efficient, and green data centers. These centers meet the customer’s requirements but also save on costs and shorten TTM, with the purpose of expediting digital transformation.

End-to-end data center integration

  • Flexible, green, and smart infrastructure

  • Efficient and agile integration

  • Simplified management

Integration services for infrastructure

Infrastructure integration services refer to the entire range of services from power supply, firefighting, cable layout, cabinets, and audio/video, to decoration. Any design needs to be business-driven, with the purpose of rapidly building elastic, green, and smart data center equipment rooms. Elastic expansion enables the architecture of equipment rooms to adapt to changing upper-layer businesses. Green credentials not only reduce power consumption, but also help improve the social image of a company. Smart management makes managing multiple systems easier at data centers. Infrastructure integration services help a company choose the most cost-effective solution that can meet all of their requirements, enabling them to face future challenges posed by mobile Internet, cloud computing, Big Data, and IoT.

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Integration services for cloud resource pools

Integration services for cloud resource pools refer to services related to deploying cloud data center solutions at all phases from consultancy to design, implementation, and acceptance (such as testing, verification, site surveys, network analysis, system design, configuration, commissioning, DR, migration, acceptance, and management services) on servers, storage, virtualization, and cloud platforms when new sites are being constructed, relocated, or expanded. Huawei also offers customized services based on what enterprises require. Adhering to the concept of “business-driven”, cloud resource pool integration services (specifically technical consulting and cloud-network collaborative design and integrated delivery services) help enterprises build efficient and agile cloud data centers, which can improve resource utilization, reduce O&M personnel, improve management efficiency, and shorten business TTM.

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O&M services

O&M services are targeted at equipment rooms and IT infrastructures of data centers. The services include monitoring the system running status, performance, and alarm information; classifying and reporting all types of system alarms; processing alarms and user-reported events; and providing lifecycle management on issues from initiation to processing, delivery, and closure. Based on an intelligent and unified management platform, O&M services empower companies to monitor and manage equipment room and IT infrastructures in real time.

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Integration services for the management system

Integration services for the management system refer to service solutions for data centers that have complex management problems. The data centers can be business centers, IT service centers, resource centers, or O&M centers. The services aim to simplify management and make operations agile for companies with complex and hierarchical data center environments. Proactive O&M service management helps in building a top-down correlation model that streamlines business and IT infrastructure, which can quickly identify and process faults and improve service continuity. Unified, open, and flexible IT operation platforms, resource pool management, automated business deployment, and infrastructure configuration all help improve O&M efficiency in the system, implementing an innovative IT service business model.

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Security integration services

Data destruction, hacking, Trojan viruses, and other security risks have gradually become the biggest challenges when constructing data centers. Security integration services include testing and verifying the solutions of network and security subsystems, site surveys, network analysis, system design, configuration, commissioning, business and data migration, and project acceptance and management. By conducting a comprehensive security assessment on a company’s live network, security integration services can discover risks, recommend security strengthening and optimization, provide security planning and implementation services, and propose suggestions on the handling of residual risks. Security integration services also ensure the smooth operation of data centers from both a technical and management perspective.

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