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NHS in the UK

Constructs an End-to-End Private Cloud Data Center

As the pride of the United Kingdom, the National Health Service (NHS) is the world’s first free healthcare system that offers medical care services to all UK citizens. The NHS includes NHS Trusts (hospital services) and Primary Care Trusts (community healthcare services). NHS Trusts hospitals include general hospitals, specialized hospitals, mental hospitals, community hospitals, and obstetrics and gynecology hospitals. AWP is managed by NHS Trusts and provides high-quality mental healthcare services. It has 55 branch hospitals in five counties of Bath and North East Somerset, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and Bristol, covering over 2,200 square miles in total.

“ By choosing the Huawei ICT Infrastructure portfolio products, we were able to rapidly evaluate, select and implement our new ICT infrastructure, delivering new services to our clinicians and, in turn, our patients and new partners far sooner than we previously anticipated and made considerable savings that we never expected at the start of our strategy planning and budgeting.”

— Mark Osborne, CIO of AWP


NHS'IT systems were upgraded to prevent public health issues instead of merely solving problems.

  • In Urgent Need of Provisioning EPR Services

    NHS was in urgent need of provisioning Electronic Patient Record (EPR) services, but its ICT systems could not meet this demand. The previous network was composed of devices from multiple vendors, and could not deliver sufficient performance.

  • Poor Data Center Reliability

    Layer 2 connection between the legacy data centers was not reliable and resulted in frequent loops.

  • Difficult O&M and Management of Multi-Vendor Devices

    O&M and management of devices from multiple vendors were difficult. Compatibility between multi-vendor devices needed to be improved.


  • On-Demand Scheduling of IT Resources

    On-demand scheduling of IT resources enables efficient, flexible deployment of services and flexible VM migration.

  • Disaster Recovery for Cloud Data Centers

    Disaster recovery for cloud data centers guarantees high reliability and availability of critical services such as EPR.

  • Fully Virtualized Cloud Data Center Network

    The fully virtualized cloud data center network is SDN-ready, thus simplifying network O&M and management.


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    Rapid Provisioning of the EPR System

    Access and core devices deployed on the new AWP network are Huawei CloudEngine series data center switches. The access and core switches are interconnected through 40GE links. These devices transport a huge amount of EPR system data, achieving high-performance forwarding without blocking. The new AWP network ensures efficient deployment of various service applications and provides high-performance IT services for external users.

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    Elastic Scale-Out and Smooth Evolution

    Huawei Cloud Fabric Data Center Network Solution helped AWP build a fully virtualized cloud data center network using virtualized fabric technologies. AWP has built a super large Layer 2 network inside and across their data centers. The super large Layer 2 network supports flexible VM deployments and on-demand VM migration within any scope.

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    Unified Platform, Ensuring Efficient O&M and Lower TCO

    The E2E private cloud data center enabled AWP to build a high-performance cloud data center. AWP selected Huawei’s software and hardware solutions, and deployed Huawei network products, virtualization platform, and servers, achieving high performance and unified O&M.