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Digitized Office, Intelligent Methodology

One-stop service: Huawei Enterprise Collaboration offers secure, reliable, and trustworthy one-stop office services on the premises or in the cloud, enabling connectivity among conferencing, collaboration, office, knowledge, and equipment and achieving full service convergence. Cloud-edge-device synergy extends services to all scenarios, driving the digital transformation of enterprises.

Endpoint range: Huawei Enterprise Collaboration provides a wide range of endpoints for a variety of use cases, such as mobile office, desktop office, meeting rooms of all sizes, and high-end consultation room, adaptable to specific needs including desktop communications, business meetings, and collaboration & discussion. Video conferencing anytime, anywhere is made possible by cloud-hosted capabilities and endpoint-based access in scenarios such as mobile office and distance education.

An Open Platform, Creating an Industry Ecosystem: Based on an open platform, Huawei Enterprise Communications provides scenario-specific Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and pre-integrates over 10 key industry applications, such as live classroom, command & dispatch, and financial customer services. Huawei has established an enterprise cloud communications alliance to share platforms and ecosystems with about 400 partners, helping them monetize their ecosystems.

Enterprise Collaboration in Various Industries

  • 6 solutions industries education6 solutions industries black educationОбразование
  • 10 solutions industries healthcare10 solutions industries black healthcareЗдравоохранение
  • 12 solutions industries government12 solutions industries black governmentПравительство
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    As a high school teacher in a small city...

    Smart education helps us share resources and enhances interactive teaching.

    Multimedia resources prioritize student learning, providing access anytime, anywhere. Video and intelligent technologies, including panoramic view for multiple HD classrooms in the same lecture and recording of lectures by renowned professors, enable interactive teaching and resource sharing. 

  • industry img 4

    As a doctor in a well-known hospital…

    Smart healthcare allows us to research critical illnesses through remote medical teaching while local hospitals deal with less-severe cases.

    Hospitals use 4K HD video conferencing and intelligent collaboration capabilities for remote consultation, medical teaching, remote monitoring, and collaborative office. Smart healthcare is also integrated with the healthcare management system, enabling a digital hospital and regional healthcare platform.

  • industry img 1

    As a customs officer…

    Collaboration for handling government affairs is integral to governments’ service systems.

    The government solution applies to visualized party construction, government affairs training and Office Automation (OA), mobile office, and precise poverty reduction. It offers quick service rollout, usability, and video sharing, allowing convenient and efficient government collaboration.

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